Star Fox Zero: Nintendo’s Cosmic Animals Return

Since Star Fox (or Starwing, as it was known in Europe and Oz) blew the minds of SNES-owners everywhere back in 1993, the series has gone on to become one of Nintendo’s most popular. Featuring the courageous Fox McCloud, Slippy…

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5 Superman Video Games Actually Worth Your Time

As you read this, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is racking up millions in box-office sales and dividing opinions left, right, and centre. Had this movie hit screens a decade ago, you could be sure a huge video game…

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7 Of The World’s Richest Professional Video Gamers

For many of us, the prospect of earning good money just by playing video games sounds too good to be true. Well, a number of professional gamers actually call this dream life a sweet, sweet reality. Every year, the thriving…

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5 Reasons To Be Excited For Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge was that uncommon thing in first-person gaming: original. While some games manage to bring new elements to the FPS genre, more often than not this is achieved through slight innovations in weaponry or environments. The Call of Duty…

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5 Reasons To Be Excited For Battleborn

After racking up millions of sales with their Borderlands games, Gearbox Software have focused their talent into another first-person shooter: Battleborn. Like Borderlands, Battleborn looks set to be a distinctive action-packed experience boasting plenty of diverse characters, humour, and balls-to-the-wall…

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5 of the Best Video Game Trailers of All Time

In the past, video games were marketed mainly with print ads and television commercials, but today’s publishers can also exploit social media, YouTube, and podcasts to reach a massive audience. For many gamers though, actually seeing a title in action…

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The Punisher In Video Games: A Brief History

The Punisher -

With The Punisher playing a major role in the second season of Marvel and Netflix’s hit series Daredevil, the character is set to attract a whole army of new fans. While he’s definitely been a popular figure in the Marvel…

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20 Of The Greatest Platform Games Ever Made – Part Four

Mission Impossible -

Well, it’s time to end our celebration of outstanding platform games. As we’ve seen so far, the best platformers have lots to offer players: exciting gameplay; enough challenge to keep driving you on; and a unique style or structure These…

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20 Of The Greatest Platform Games Ever Made – Part Three

jet set willy -

As we continue our celebration of classic platformers, our next five picks include games that either helped to define the genre itself or established franchises still going strong today… Jet Set Willy Released in 1984, this sequel to Manic Miner…

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20 Of The Greatest Platform Games Ever Made – Part Two

RoboCop VS The Terminator -

Last week, we kicked-off our look at 20 of the greatest platformers ever made with such diverse titles as Earthworm Jim, Limbo, and Flashback. Now, we have five more classics from across the decades to celebrate, paying tribute to 2D…

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