Top 5 cutest couples in gaming for Valentine’s Day 2019

cutest gaming couple valentines day 2019

It’s a classic videogame tale that every gamer knows. Princess Peach gets kidnapped by big, bad Bowser and cries out for Mario to save her. Of course, he turns up just in the nick of time to take down King Koopa and save his damsel in distress before they ride off into the sunset on his faithful steed Yoshi.

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Arthur Morgan is the World Cup of Characters Champion!

world cup of characters winner

🏆Arthur Morgan🏆 is the World Cup of Characters Champion!  That’s it. The battle royale is over. After a solid two week campaign of brutal knockouts, a champion is finally chosen. And the World Cup of Characters champion is… Arthur Morgan…

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Looking Back at the Syphon Filter Series

The Syphon Filter series is long overdue a return. It’s almost 20 years since Gabe Logan and Lian Xing first landed on the PS1, and just over a decade since the franchise’s last instalment. Though the six Syphon Filter games…

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Detroit: Become Human – A Sc-Fi Classic in the Making?

Robotics and moral quandaries often go hand-in-hand in science-fiction. This only grows more pertinent as our real-world technology becomes more advanced, bringing the kind of sentient synthetic lifeforms we’ve seen in fantasy closer to being a reality (even if we’re…

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7 DC Comics Video Games We Want to See

For a long time, it felt like Batman and Superman were the only DC Comics characters destined for real mainstream success. Sure, other heroes had their own movies over the years – Supergirl, Swamp Thing, and THAT Catwoman flick –…

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