Darksiders Genesis Brings Co-Op Action to PC

Darksiders returns with an all-new look, all-new characters, and (perhaps most importantly), an all-new multiplayer co-op mode this week. Genesis takes place before the events of the very first Darksiders game and introduces the option of switching between two characters in single-player mode (or fighting alongside each other online).

Prepare to face angels, demons, and everything between in an epic action/adventure story. Here’s a preview of what you can look forward to on Thursday (5th December) when Darksiders Genesis releases for PC.

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Co-Op Comes to Darksiders Genesis

Genesis introduces a new “top-down” or “isometric” look to the Darksiders series; meaning it plays and feels much like a Diablo title, but with the unmistakable flair and story of a Darksiders game. This newest entry in the award-winning series is a prequel that reveals the events that took place before the original game.

The wounds of the battle for Eden are still fresh in Darksiders Genesis, and Sister-Horseman of the Apocalpyse “Fury” has yet to teach a demon or two a lesson. It’s a brutal and hellish setting in which two brothers will need to work together to survive.

Introducing Strife (And the Return of War)

Find a friend on Steam, choose your character, and take on hordes of enemies (and loot) as a tag-team duo of Biblical proportions. Strife, the fourth and final Horseman of the Apocalypse, makes his debut in Darksiders Genesis and brings ranged-style devastation. If you prefer to get up-close and personal, choose his brother War– a melee-oriented brawler who is excellent with crowd-control.

Fans of the series will remember War from the very first Darksiders game, and his look and feel are an enhanced version of that original appearance. See for yourself in War’s trailer for Genesis right here.

Customise with Creature Cores

Both Strife and War each have a wide variety of unique attacks that can be made even more powerful with Genesis’ “Creature-Core” system. This unique character modification mechanic allows you to tailor your Horseman’s abilities to your individual playstyle.

Each enemy (or boss) you slay will drop Creature Cores (and other loot). Cores can be used to modify your base abilities; like enhancing each attack with a trail of lava or maybe even a vicious hellhound. You can even use Creature Cores to enhance things like health or ammo drop rates… just check with your co-op mate before you spend them all!

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