Top 10 Best Games of the Past Decade

Minecraft, GTA 5 and RDR2 Best Games of the Decade

The 2010s were a very good year for gaming, and we’ve rounded up the very best of the decade. Let us know in the comments what your top games are!

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Top 5 cutest couples in gaming for Valentine’s Day 2019

cutest gaming couple valentines day 2019

It’s a classic videogame tale that every gamer knows. Princess Peach gets kidnapped by big, bad Bowser and cries out for Mario to save her. Of course, he turns up just in the nick of time to take down King Koopa and save his damsel in distress before they ride off into the sunset on his faithful steed Yoshi.

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Top 10 Couch Co-Op Games for Xbox One

Sometimes the best games are the games you play with others, so here’s a super list of co-op games to play with a friend on your couch right now. Star Wars and Rocket League are just a couple to get you started, find out what the rest are.

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5 Nintendo Switch Games You Should Play Right Now

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch games are all the rage Over the past three months, there has been a wave of exciting new Nintendo Switch games released, and for good reason as the console is selling like hotcakes. Many of them are classics…

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5 Games Like GTA 5 (That You Might Like Even More)

Watch Dogs 2 is a great game to play after GTA 5

Los Santos is an exciting place, but there’s a whole world of games out there similar to GTA 5. The sandbox, crime-drama games in this list will take you from Tokyo, to Hong Kong, to a fictional version of 1960s…

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The Most Exciting New Horror Games Heading Your Way

Fans of horror games have plenty to look forward to in the months ahead, with a number of intriguing new titles on their way. Zombies, ghosts, monsters – you’ll find all of these and more below … Ad Infinitum Ad…

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Looking Back at Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Ghostbusters is one of the most beloved movies of the 1980s, and still has a huge, loyal fan-base over 30 years later. The flick’s combination of perfect performances, great characters, witty dialogue, exciting action sequences, unforgettable theme song, and top-notch…

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Seven of the Goriest Video Games Ever Made

Gore-soaked video games have been with us for decades, and they’re not going anywhere soon. Every gamer has doled out their fair share of destruction, aggression, and death over the years. This might be something as tame as jumping on…

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5 of the Best Movies Based on Video Games

Last week, we looked at five of the worst movies based on video games, trawling through the mire of Super Mario Bros. and Double Dragon. As promised, we’re now primed to celebrate five of the best ever made (so far,…

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