5 Nintendo Switch Games You Should Play Right Now

Playing Nintendo Switch games on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch games are all the rage

Over the past three months, there has been a wave of exciting new Nintendo Switch games released, and for good reason as the console is selling like hotcakes. Many of them are classics bringing a phenomenal new addition to their series, like Super Mario Odyssey or Pokemon Let’s Go. Others are games that you wouldn’t usually see on Nintendo consoles in the past, like Dark Souls Remastered.
So what are the best Nintendo Switch games you should be playing right now? Well here are 5 amazing titles on the top of our list that you should get your hands on. There’s something for everybody in this list, which is exactly what Nintendo’s known for.


Celeste is one of those Nintendo Switch games that feels and looks like it was designed for the console. The game takes all the ingredients of the classic, side-scrolling adventure that Nintendo’s known for and brings it all into the new era. You’ll find it packed with better controls, vibrant visuals, and a moving story.
Scoring a whopping 92/100 on Metacritic, Celeste is an essential experience for any Switch owner. The game is as challenging as it is fun, with each level leaving you rewarded and excited for the next. Celeste is the type of game that’s very hard to put down, and thanks to the mobility of the Nintendo Switch, you won’t have to!

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate


This is the biggest and most ambitious Super Smash Bros game ever made. Loads of icons from the Nintendo universe have gathered for the ultimate showdown! From Pikachu to Bayonetta, 74 different fighters await your challenge (plus even more with the DLC).
There are also brand new game modes, and brand new items that hold the key to victory in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; so grab them before your opponent does! Prepare for Ultimate brawls in over 100 different fighting stages – including powered up arenas from previous Smash Bros. games!

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Diablo 3 Eternal Collection

The Lord of Terror has landed as one of the best Nintendo Switch games! Now you can enjoy this legendary action-RPG at home or on the go. Brave the legions of Hell on your own, or team-up and slay demons with up to 4 other players in local multiplayer! With The Eternal Collection, you’ll have everything you need to begin your Diablo III journey. From there, experience every bit of demonic RPG action the game has to offer.
The human world of Diablo III was once created by the war between Angels and Demons… and now the Demons want it for themselves. Stand with your angelic and human brethren against the hordes of monstrous beasts and fallen seraphs to fight for your salvation! Diablo III is the perfect couch co-op game. Grab some friends and prepare to battle the minions of Hell!

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Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a Metroid-Vania type game (Metroid + Castlevania) that has some rogue-like elements (think: Diablo, Enter the Gungeon, FTL). So the developers are calling it “RogueVania”. Basically, this means Dead Cells is a combination of:
  1. Dark Souls: tough but fair combat, unique weapons/spells with unique gameplay, and panic rolling.
  2. Metroid (or other classic side-scrolling titles): a 2D platformer with an interconnected world and the heart-pounding threat of permadeath.

A big part of Dead Cells, as with other Rogue-lite games, is developing and honing your skills. You’ll have to learn to predict your enemies’ moves, discover monster’s weaknesses, and practice levels over and over. Only then, what was impossible at first becomes easy, and you get that unique rush of accomplishment that only comes from a Dark Souls-like game.

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Super Mario Party

No console developer does party games like Nintendo, and Super Mario Party is the ultimate party game. This game could lead to a great time, or completely tear a friendship apart, depending on how seriously you take it (and how ruthless you are in playing)! As a Nintendo Switch game, Super Mario Party makes use of all the consoles features in its wide variety of 80 new minigames for you to try. Some of the challenges are free-for-alls, some are 2 vs. 2, and some even are 1 vs. 3. Some will have you flipping burgers, and others will have you riding tricycles!
Super Mario Party truly is the next generation of tabletop gaming. Up to 4 players can compete at once (both locally or online) and you can take turns rolling the dice and racing around the virtual map like a real board game.

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With many more scheduled to launch in 2019, Nintendo Switch games are looking better than ever right now. Which of these games do you most want to play? Let us know in the comments!