Fortnite Update adds New NFL Skins and New Assault Rifle

fortnite ak47 new assault rifle

Fortnite’s newest update is huge for all the NFL fans out there, and it’s also pretty big for all the Heavy Assault Rife fans out there too. Patch v6.22 brought some small changes too, but those two big additions are…

5 Games You Can Buy for Less Than 5 Dollars

watch dogs game cover

5 dollars can’t buy you very much these days… A sandwich, a cappuccino, maybe a used fidget spinner on eBay… Unless you’re looking for a new PC game. In that case, we’ve got you covered. Ask yourself this question: Would…

Fallout 76 BETA Review – One Week Until Full Launch

Fallout 76 beta review

With the BETA nearly over (today is the last day!) and the full release of Fallout 76 next week, we wanted to share our impressions of the game in its current state and what we hope to see improved by…

The Abyss Update Adds New Depth to the No Man’s Sky Universe

No Man's Sky, The Abyss Update

Since it’s renaissance this summer, No Man’s Sky has been better than it has in years. Back in July, the “NEXT” update was released which brought many of the long-awaited features that had originally been promised at the game’s launch….