Top 5 cutest couples in gaming for Valentine’s Day 2019

Who says that videogames aren’t for Valentine’s day? With all the cute couples out there and our own love for videogames, we couldn’t help but link the two. After all, aren’t there loads of videogame plotlines where the hero needs to save someone they love in distress? Not to mention some of the best two-player couple teams across gaming’s greatest titles.

So, to celebrate this loving occasion we’ve put together our list of the 5 cutest couples in videogames for Valentine’s Day.

Mario and Princess Peach

It’s a classic videogame tale that every gamer knows. Princess Peach gets kidnapped by big, bad Bowser and cries out for Mario to save her. Of course, he turns up just in the nick of time to take down King Koopa and save his damsel in distress before they ride off into the sunset on his faithful steed Yoshi.

An Italian plumber falls in love with a princess, who loves him in return… This could only happen in a videogame!

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Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

Both are awesome characters that we would describe as kick-ass adventurers!

In Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, we find Elena, a journalist who’s filming the discovery of Sir Francis Drake’s coffin, join Nathan on his adventures to discover El Dorado. Little did they know, this would be the start of a not-so-traditional love story.

By Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End, they are both married and have a daughter named Cassie. The perfect end to a love story? We think so!

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Link and Zelda

Another classic videogame tale for Valentine’s Day is Link and Princess Zelda’s story in The Legend of Zelda series.

Their adventures take place in the Kingdom of Hyrule, where Link possesses the Spirit of the Hero to save Princess Zelda and the kingdom from the clutches of many villains including Ganon, Vaati and others.

Some say fate plays the biggest role in bringing these two together, again and again across this iconic series – how romantic!

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Sora and Kairi

While they aren’t technically ‘a couple’, we couldn’t leave out Sora and Kairi from this list? Kairi’s heart literally saved Sora when he turned into a Heartless and brought him back to his form.

It’s also said that when fruit from their island is eaten by two people, those two people have bonded. At the start of Kingdom Hearts, we see Sora draw himself giving Kairi the Paopu Fruit, hinting that he wants to bond with her. If that isn’t love, then there shouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day at all.

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The Joker and Harley Quinn

The King and Queen of Crime in Gotham City had to be on this list. While their relationship is questionable at times, it’s clear The Joker and Harley Quinn are *madly* in love.

The romance begins when The Joker, a criminal psychopath, is sent to a mental asylum where his psychiatrist, Dr Harleen Quinzel, falls head over heels for him. She eventually leaves psychiatry altogether to become The Joker’s lover and criminal accomplice.

Speaking with a pronounced North-eastern accent, Harley refers to the Joker as ‘Mister J’ and ‘Puddin’, terms of endearment that have since been used in nearly every adaptation in which the two characters appear. So, they had to be the last loving videogame couple in our Valentine’s Day list.

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Do you agree with our top five? Let us know in the comments