The Fastest Way to Unlock All Characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The full Smash Bros Ultimate roster

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now out in the world and has been getting amazing reviews. One of the best things about Smash Bros Ultimate is the huge variety of gaming icons you can do battle with. Most characters however are locked when you start the game. In fact, you’ll only have the line-up from the original N64 version at the outset. Progressing through the various single-player game modes, or battling with friends is more fun when you have more variety. You might also find your favourite fighter for competitive play is locked away. Never fear. We’re here to help with our handy guide to quickly unlocking the full roster.

More Fighters, More Fun in Smash Bros Ultimate

Since Smash Bros Ultimate’s launch day, players have discovered a few different tricks to unlock characters as fast as possible. Of the remaining ways that haven’t been patched by Nintendo, the method below is the fastest we could find. This trick will allow you to unlock new characters every time you win a match against one of the new foes that appear. But hurry, this trick may get patched soon!

Follow These Simple Steps

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. If you’re starting the game for the very first time, you need to play for about 10 to 20 minutes. This will allow you to start unlocking new characters. If you’ve already been playing Ultimate for a while, then you can skip ahead to the next step. The goal is to trigger a new character challenge, and the game won’t throw that at you until you’ve played for a bit. Whatever quota the game wants you to hit seems to be based on steps or button presses, not time. So if you want, you can just start a match against yourself and run back and forth mashing buttons for 10 minutes.
  2. Start a custom “one stock” Smash match (meaning the match will be over after you die once). Choose a level where it’s easy to jump off a ledge, and then do exactly that. You lose, the match is over, and a notification should appear on the screen that  “A new foe has appeared!”. Perfect. This new challenger will be the new fighter you’ll unlock after you win the upcoming match against them.
  3. You beat that new foe to a pulp! Great job! Now quit out of the game!! It may sound weird, but the next step is to reset the game. Press the home button which will take you back to the main menu, and then close the game completely.
  4. Start the game back up again, and you should see the new challenger you just beat has been added to your fighter selection screen. That’s all there is to it! Go back to step 2 of this guide, and repeat as many times as you want.

Try This Too

If this trick doesn’t work for you at first, don’t give up. Start another match and jump off a ledge (like in step two of the guide above), or play a few more regular Smash matches. The goal is to trigger the “A new foe has appeared!” message. Once that happens you can repeat steps 2-4 of the guide over and over.

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