The Abyss Update Adds New Depth to the No Man’s Sky Universe

No Man's Sky The Abyss Update

Since it’s renaissance this summer, No Man’s Sky has been better than it has in years. Back in July, the “NEXT” update was released which brought many of the long-awaited features that had originally been promised at the game’s launch. The developers have also kept their promise of continual in-game events and free updates– the latest of which looks to be one of the best, and creepiest yet. No Man’s Sky is currently on sale in our webstore, and The Abyss (and every other update) will be included with it for free.

The Abyss Brings New Depths to Explore

All of the underwater biomes you encounter across the galaxy are getting a major makeover thanks to The Abyss update. You can expect a lot more of these biomes, and a lot more interesting flora and fauna inhabiting them. New lifeforms can now be found in water on all planets; from the shallows of a lake down to the terrifying depths of an ocean floor. To get around more easily you can also now construct a submarine called the “Nautilon”.  Use this vehicle to explore sunken wrecks, before parking it at your new and improved underwater base.

All New Storyline

No Man's Sky The Abyss Update

The Abyss will bring a deeper and darker narrative to the No Man’s Sky experience too. Developer Hello Games tell us that the new storyline, entitled “The Dreams of the Deep”, will provide a dark and mysterious context for the new aquatic ecosystem. It seems some horrifying beats and frightful stories may be lurking in the deep below.

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