5 Games You Can Buy for Less Than 5 Dollars

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5 dollars can’t buy you very much these days… A sandwich, a cappuccino, maybe a used fidget spinner on eBay… Unless you’re looking for a new PC game. In that case, we’ve got you covered.

Ask yourself this question: Would I rather go to my local coffee shop and get a Frappu-something I’ll enjoy for maybe… 30 mins… or would I rather pick up a brand new game that offers tens of hours of quality gameplay? Seems like an obvious choice to us, which is why we put together this list of 5 amazing games that can be had for less than the price of 16oz of sugary frothed milk.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

It’s hard to believe, but this is a Game Of The Year quality game (and the GOTY edition too), available for less than 5 dollars. Check out the information on the store page to find out everything this edition includes, it’s too much to list here!

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor won Game Of The Year in the action/adventure category at The Game Awards in 2014 (among other accolades), and only lost to Dragon Age: Inquisition in the overall best game category. Honestly, we think Shadow of Mordor was a better game, and we’re big Dragon Age fans (Origins is one of our favorite games of all time).

Taking place in the same J. R. R. Tolkien created universe as The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings, you’ll play as a Ranger seeking to avenge his dead loved ones. In other words, there will be a lot of brutally exciting Orc hack n’ slashing with an amazingly fun and intuitive combat system. But the action isn’t the only reason this game has such great reviews. The story is gripping and intricately woven into the gameplay, and a feature called the “Nemesis System” keeps the game infinitely thrilling. This system procedurally generates the Orcs you’re hunting, meaning they’re entirely unique from their name to their abilities.

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Half-Life 2 (or splurge on Half-Life Complete for $8)

Well, well, well… another multiple Game Of The Year awards winner in the below 5 dollars category… It’s well known we have some of the best game deals on the internet, but this is still really surprising. The Half-Life Complete collection at less than $8 is actually an even more amazing deal if you can afford it, because you get Half-Life 2 and seven other titles along with it– but that isn’t the point of this article!

Anyway, back to Half-Life 2.

You know “Valve”, the company that created Steam? Yeah they make games… or at least they used to. They had this fantastic franchise called Half-Life that won tons of awards, and spawned spin-off games like Team Fortress, Counter Strike, and Garry’s Mod to name a few. At one point Valve promised they would make a 3rd Half-Life game, but that day never came (some of us are still holding out hope though). Half-Life 2 is arguably the best game of this legendary gaming series, and one of the best PC games of all time. If you haven’t played it, you don’t deserve to call yourself a gamer.

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Watch Dogs

If you’re bored with GTA 5 you should definitely check this game out. It’s another open-world sandbox game with awesome cars, awesome guns, and an awesomely unique “hacking” skill (that is so much fun!). Just the fun of the hacking feature alone is worth 5 dollars.

As you free-roam around Chicago, no one is safe from your hacking abilities: not the gang leader you’re tracking down, nor the random homeless woman on the street corner– everyone’s information is at your fingertips. With a team of other hackers, you’ll unravel a dangerous web of violence, treachery, and deceit; exploring the impact of technology on our modern society.

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Rage was developed by the legendary id Software (creators of the Doom franchise), and published by Bethesda– from that alone you know you’re getting an awesome game. In Rage you will venture into the not too distant future, after an asteroid has struck Earth and left it a ragged, ravaged, and ruthless wasteland.

Your character didn’t grow up in this world. You have only just emerged from an escape pod launched before the civilization-ending asteroid event, as one of the last living pre-apocalypse earthlings. Expect to meet bandits, mutants, and members of a mysterious government entity known as the Authority as you struggle to survive in this unforgiving world.

And the best thing about picking up this great title now, is that Rage 2 is set to release soon. Check it out on our webstore, and get your pre-order in while it’s on sale. Check out the latest Rage 2 gameplay above!

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Euro Truck Simulator 2

While this article has been based on someone paying with US dollars, we don’t know for sure what currency you’ll be paying with. But if you’re using Euros, there are actually a few more options available if you’ve only got 5 of them.

If you’ve only got 5 Euro to spend, in addition to the other games on this list we’ve got Dead Space 2 available, and also Portal (both of which you need to play if you haven’t). But what I’d be reaching for is Euro Truck Simulator 2. I know what you’re thinking. “How fun can driving a truck be??” The answer: extremely fun. But also, extremely relaxing.

In Euro Truck Simulator 2 you’ll work to become king of the road as you build your trucking empire while traveling across Europe delivering important cargo. You just might find that this is your dream job! And you also might find that sometimes it’s nice to take a break from aliens and apocalypses during your gaming adventures, and try out something that’s mundane yet at the same time incredibly rewarding.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 supports Steam Workshop too, meaning you can mod it to your heart’s content!

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Try clicking on the PC games section of our webstore, and then sorting by “price” from lowest to highest to see all the other deeply discounted games we have available — you’ll be surprised at all the gems you can find! Let us know in the comments which of the games on this list you’re picking up, or if there are any really good ones under $5 that we missed.