Fortnite Update adds New NFL Skins and New Assault Rifle

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Fortnite’s newest update is huge for all the NFL fans out there, and it’s also pretty big for all the Heavy Assault Rife fans out there too. Patch v6.22 brought some small changes too, but those two big additions are what everyone’s talking about.

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And for all the info on patch v.6.22, the new assault rifle, and NFL skins keep reading.

AK-47 Comes to Fortnite


This new Heavy AR, clearly designed off the real-life AK47, could change the entire Fortnite meta right now. This new weapon is slightly slower than the other assault rifles currently in the game, but it has a sold clip size, and it does a lot more damage. As Epic Games mentions in their patch notes, this new weapon could be good to “carry your team” with!

NFL Skins Come to Battle Royale

Just when we thought Fortnite couldn’t get any bigger, they still manage to surprise us. Beginning today (November 9th), your favorite National Football League skins will now be available to purchase with V-Bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop. These outfits will be available for both male and female characters, and you can even customize the number on the back. Don’t know which team to choose? Well then represent “Team Fortnite” with the game’s custom jersey that’s also available.

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