Gaming Rumours – Do You Love or Hate Them?

gaming rumours in 2019

We’re massive fans of gaming rumours! Is this character in this or that costume in that? It’s loads of fun to see what kind of mad rumours are told and which are believable. Check out a couple of our favourites in our latest blog that we hope come true in the future.

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8 Brutally Unfair Levels in Gaming

In most cases, video games help us relax: we come home from a long day, put Fallout 4 or Fifa 16 in for a spin, and immerse ourselves in another world for a while. When games have a well-balanced learning…

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Unforgettable Moments in Gaming – Part Three

Welcome to the third part of our ongoing look at gaming’s unforgettable moments! So far, we’ve explored: Leon Kennedy’s head being chainsawed from his body in Resident Evil 4; shooting enemies’ hats off from the comfort of an overhead ventilation…

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