10 Best Sega Master System Games Still Worth Your Time


The Sega Master System was a gem of an 8-bit console. Sure, it couldn’t overtake the NES in terms of worldwide sales, but it was the purchase of choice for those gamers with no interest in a certain moustachioed plumber….

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Five Retro Horror Games for Halloween


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Mass Effect: 8 Awesome Moments


The Mass Effect trilogy told the tale of Commander Shepard, Tali, Garrus, and the rest of the Normandy’s merry little band of heroes brilliantly. Still, not everyone walked away from the trilogy with the same warm, fuzzy feelings. Maybe you…

The Legacy of Kain Series: Celebrating 5 Great Vampire Games


Vampires have a long, rich history in the world of video games. From the platforming action of Castlevania to the buxom madness of BloodRayne, we gamers have had our fair share of bloodsuckers. Whether you’re stepping into a vamp’s shoes…

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Since 1991, The Simpsons have starred in more than 20 video games. How many have you played? Two? Ten? Maybe you’ve never even been near any of them. Still, it’s unlikely that anyone but the most hardcore fan has actually…