Xbox LIVE August Games with Gold: Get Crimson Dragon, Dishonored and More for Free!

Over the last few months, the Games with Gold freebies have started to really improve; last month players managed to bag themselves Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Gotham City Imposters and BattleBlock Theater, whilst in June Halo: Spartan Assault, Dark Souls, Charlie Murder and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition could be downloaded for free.

This month, Microsoft have put up another great range of games, including Crimson Dragon, one of the first launch title exclusives for the Xbox One, and Dishonored, an award winning Bethesda stealth & action title.

Xbox One

Crimson Dragon

crimsondragonWhilst not a direct sequel, Crimson Dragon was born from the same minds behind the Panzer Dragoon series. In Crimson Dragon, players are offered an on-the-rails shooter experience that differentiates itself from many other titles currently on the market. Although Crimson Dragon was originally released with Kinect-only controls, the game now has fully fledged controller support. Crimson Dragon hasn’t been out all that long, so being able to get it for free from the Games with Gold program is pretty exciting. Unfortunately Crimson Dragon is exclusive to the Xbox One.

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut

strike-suit-directors Strike Suit Zero is an Xbox One title that managed to start its life as a simple crowd sourced Kickstarter project, and has since grown into a complete console experience. In Strike Suit Zero, players take control of a variety of different shape shifting space ships. The concept sounds amazing, and Born Ready, the developers behind the game, have managed to truly make Strike Suit Zero’s space combat look absolutely stunning.

The director’s cut of Strike Suit Zero offers a reworked campaign, some new ships as well as enhanced textures and lighting.

Xbox 360


dishonored360It was surprising to find Dishonored in this month’s Xbox Games with Gold line-up, but there’s certainly no reason to complain. Dishonored is an incredibly enjoyable stealth action game that was released in 2012. Like many games in the genre, in Dishonored, players can choose to go into a mission loud and violent, or instead opt for a quiet and stealthy approach.

The story for Dishonored is quite captivating, and the various game mechanics offer an interesting new approach on the stealth/action genre.

Motocross Madness

motocrossmadnessMotocross Madness for Xbox 360 is an arcade title that gives players the opportunity to stick their avatar onto a dirt bike and race with other players across different tracks and race courses. Despite being an arcade game, you’ll easily be able to get a good few hours out of Motocross Madness before getting bored.

For those unaware, the Xbox LIVE Games with Gold games are only accessible by Xbox LIVE Gold members, so those with free accounts will unfortunately miss out. If you want to pick up any of the free games this month, you could always purchase a cheap Gold membership card from us.

What games from the August Games with Gold line-up have taken your fancy so far?

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