Get Crysis 3, Fez and More With August’s PlayStation Plus Lineup

We’re now well into August, and the PlayStation Plus free game lineup has been available for a couple of weeks now. We thought we’d give you a quick recap on the games available this month, and give a little insight into each game. In total, there are six new games this month, two for each platform. (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita)

PlayStation 4

On PlayStation 4, a couple of indie titles can be picked up – this includes the not so well known roguelike Road Not Taken, and the very well-known platformer, Fez.

Road Not Taken

ps4-ps3-ps-vita-gamesFor those unaware, a roguelike is a sub-genre of RPG game that usually includes a certain set of characteristics such as permanent death, tile based graphics and sometimes procedurally generated dungeons or levels.

Road Not Taken carries some roguelike routes and sticks it in the midst of a variety of different puzzles to create an engaging and story-driven gameplay experience.


fezgameThere was so much hype surrounding Fez during its development time that it’s unlikely you haven’t heard something about it. In essence, Fez is a platformer that touches on similar 2D/3D crossover gameplay mechanics seen in Paper Mario. Fez is definitely worth a try if you haven’t played through it already.

PlayStation 3

On the PlayStation 3, Crysis 3 and Proteus have been made available for PS Plus subscribers this month.

Crysis 3

The general attitude towards Crysis 3 is a little mixed; it’s a game that has some pretty interesting concepts, and its multiplayer can be enjoyed for a fcrysis3air few hours before becoming boring. With its release on August’s PS Plus free game line-up, it’s bound to have attracted a large number of new players too, so finding a match online should no longer be a problem.


proteusProteus is an open world adventure and exploration title that gives players an odd first person perspective on a hand crafted 2D world. Whether or not you could call Proteus an actual game or not is open to debate, but there’s no doubt that Proteus is an experience, and it’s one you’ll most likely enjoy.

PS Vita

For the PS Vita, Dragon’s Crown and newly released Metrico have been put up for free.

Dragon’s Crown

dragonDragon’s Crown is a 2D fantasy action RPG that allows up to four players to travel alongside each other through various dungeons, labyrinths and other monster infested areas in the search for treasure. It may look like quite a simple game, but there is surprisingly quite a lot of depth to Dragon’s Crown.


metricoMetrico is an odd one; it’s a puzzle platformer that pretty much throws you into a world that you have to navigate without any help from in-game messages. In Metrico, you’re on your own, and you must work your way through over 60 different puzzle-filled levels. Metrico has only recently been released, so it was quite surprising to see it on the free PS Plus line-up already.

Have you managed to try out any games this August? Let us know your favourites from this month!

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