Far Cry 4 PC Preview


Far Cry 3 was received well by many critics across the globe but Ubisoft are already back with another instalment in the series and their current gameplay previews and teases suggest that Ubisoft are looking for the same kind of positive reception for Far Cry 4. So far, we haven’t seen anything more than what Ubisoft have wanted us to see for the game, but that’s enough to get a pretty good perception of what Far Cry 4 is all about. We’ve listed some of the most noteworthy things we currently know about Far Cry below.

Fast Paced Vehicle Combat

With the open world of Far Cry 3, vehicles were an important component for the game. In Far Cry 4, it’s the same story. However, this time round, Ubisoft have put even more effort into the vehicle side of things to make driving to and from locations incredibly exciting and action-packed.

In Far Cry 4, players will be able to shoot whilst driving their vehicle, which, if executed well, could prove to be a very interesting feature that should link up action packed missions with a very neat yet brutal driving experience. The shoot and drive feature was first introduced to the original Far Cry, and honestly it could have been a lot better. However, Ubisoft now have a lot more capability to truly make the most out of such a gameplay feature.

Explosive, Destructive Action

From what we’ve seen so far from Far Cry 4 trailers is that the game has been planned to be very action packed. We can expect to see lots of destructive environments in Far Cry 4, along with many methods to destroy those environments.

If there was ever too much explosive action in a game, I think Ubisoft may have got pretty close to that line with Far Cry 4. We can expect Far Cry 4 to overall be a very intense experience for players.

Obviously Ubisoft are only going to want us to see the most exciting parts of Far Cry 4 right now, so it will be interesting to see just how action packed the game feels on ‘down moments,’ for instance when players are travelling between objectives or simply exploring and free-roaming the environment.

The Wildlife and Environment

Far Cry 4 is of course an open world game and I think this time round Ubisoft have put a lot of effort into making sure that their open world truly feels like a living, breathing part of the game. Wildlife has always been a pretty important part of the Far Cry series and once again this is something that’s definitely going to be made into an important feature in Far Cry 4.

No matter what you are doing in Far Cry, or where you’re doing it, there are always going to be action-packed moments around the corner. Whether players are fighting off incredibly versatile wildlife beasts or other humans in battles relating to an all-out civil war, there are always going to be places to be and things to experience in Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 4 will be released on November 18th for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PlayStation 4.

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