COD Advanced Warfare Preview

We’re now getting pretty close to the release of COD Advanced Warfare, and ever since its first announcement, Sledgehammer Games have kept us up to date with all sorts of interesting information about the game. We now have a large amount of knowledge to share about COD Advanced Warfare, and we’ll be giving you the low down on what to expect from the next COD in this preview.

call of duty advanced warfare game preview

Multiplayer Mode

Perhaps the most played and arguably the most important part of the Call of Duty package is the multiplayer, and Sledgehammer Games have put in some interesting changes to ensure COD Advanced Warfare offers players a fresh perspective on online play.

Call of Duty has been well known for its run n’ gun gameplay for quite a few years now, but in COD Advanced Warfare things will be turned up a notch; players will now have access to powerful exo-suits that will come packed with all new capabilities. Players will be able to run faster, jump higher and ultimately get around the levels at a pace never seen before in the COD series thanks to the exo-suits, and unlike other gear, the exo-suit will always be on your character.

Some have even made the comparison between the new fast paced nature of Advanced Warfare and Titanfall, and the level design in COD:AW should certainly reflect the strong design found within Respawn’s latest shooter.

On top of the new exo-suits and better level design, we can expect to see a wide range of new futuristic perks, kill streaks and equipment to make gameplay even more exciting. If players do not like the exo-suits, they will be able to play in a playlist where they have been disabled.

Sledgehammer Games also have one more multiplayer mode still hiding up their sleeves; can we expect a new zombie or extinction mode?

Single-player Mode

The single-player in COD Advanced Warfare focuses on private military companies that have been hired to fight against a new rising terrorist organization known as the KVA. Advanced Warfare is set in 2054, so players can expect to find all sorts of new futuristic gear.

The main protagonist for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare seems to be Jack Mitchell, a former US marine who lost his arm in a battle in South Korea. In the story, Jack Mitchell signs up to ATLAS, the largest private military corporation in the game.

The first trailer for COD Advanced Warfare revealed the single-player campaign, and it looked pretty stunning.

Pre-order COD Advanced Warfare for the PC here.

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