The Sims 4 PC Preview

The Sims 4 may still be part of the same old franchise, but there’s a lot going into the upcoming game to make it stand out from previous instalments. This time round, gameplay will be even more fine-tuned with more features available, and a brand new engine will allow the game to look better than ever before. Not everything has been revealed about the Sims 4 just yet, but we do know quite a lot about what to expect from the game. Check out what we have to say about the Sims 4 below.

New Features

sims4Perhaps one of the most interesting changes to the Sims 4 is the introduction of new ever-more powerful emotions. Dealing with your Sims is going to be more challenging and much more involving in Sims 4; your Sims will have a wide range of emotions that can be reflected through their posture, their interactions with other Sims, and their overall behaviour.

Some abilities and activities will be exclusive to when your Sim is feeling a certain way, so it will be important to keep your Sims feeling happy. It will be interesting to see just how in-depth their emotions will be, and how far we can play with their emotions.

To make things even more reflective of real human interaction, in Sims 4, your Sim will build certain attitudes towards different Sims depending on their previous interactions. For example, if a new Sim in town comes around and makes a mess of your house, your Sim will most likely get quite grumpy every time that Sim stops by again.

If things aren’t quite interesting enough, or you feel like your Sim isn’t getting the kind of emotional stimulation he or she deserves, a new feature in the Sims 4 is available to fix things for you. With quick access to a wide library of player-made Sims, players will be able to import Sims with every personality under the sun into their own worlds to mix things up a little.

Interestingly, Sims 4 will also allow players to import everything from small interior designs to whole houses from the player-made online library, which has been nicknamed The Gallery. Players will also be able to upload their own creations for sharing.

The Gallery sounds like a pretty awesome feature, especially considering the Sims 4 will come with a wide range of revamped house building tools to help make building your dream house easier than ever.

New Graphical Improvements

On top of the wide range of new gameplay features, the Sims 4 has been based upon a brand new engine, which will allow for a wide range of benefits.

Firstly, the new engine allows the developers of the Sims 4 to add a range of features they wouldn’t have been able to add without it, including some of the features mentioned above, and secondly it gives them the opportunity to make the game look a whole lot better than previous games in the franchise.

In partner with the improved graphical changes, players will be able to fine-tune the appearance of their Sims in the newly improved character creation tool.


If you’re a fan of the Sims, then the Sims 4 will certainly appeal to you. Even if you have never played the Sims before, but the franchise has sparked your curiosity, the Sims 4 would be a great introduction to the series.

The Sims 4 will be released on September 2nd, 2014 for PC.

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