New Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass in December

Xbox game pass in december 2018

The new batch of Game Pass additions for December is here and there’s even more on the way! As of today, there are six new games coming to Game Pass in December, but more are promised by Microsoft to be coming out  “throughout the month.”

Instead of only one big drop of games at the beginning of December, Game Pass members will get their hands on some new ones now, some later in the month (which have already been confirmed), and then even more as the month progresses.

Xbox Game Pass in December

We’ll keep you posted on the games that haven’t yet been announced, but here are the games that are confirmed so far for Game Pass in December. This list includes those we got a preview of when PUBG was added, along with the new ones Microsoft just announced.

The Gardens Between

Available November 29th

Follow best friends Arina and Frendt as they make their way through a surreal puzzle adventure. The two pals fall into a mysterious garden world made of different islands. Solve puzzles and manipulate time to work your way to the summit of every dreamscape. Each world contains parts of the two friends’ childhoods, making for a game that’s as nostalgically sentimental as it is fun.

Mutant Year Zero

Available December 4th

Mutant Year Zero is a thoroughly original experience. It was developed by some of the same people as Hitman and Payday. The game is a unique combination of exploration, strategy, and stealth. You’ll play as a team of mutants exploring the remains of a war-torn post-apocalyptic Earth. Try to survive in this harsh and unforgiving environment.

Strange Brigade

Available December 6th

It’s the height of the 1930s. What better time for a dangerously exotic journey to Egypt? A nameless tomb has mysteriously opened, and Seteki the Witch Queen has risen from her resting place. Who you gonna call?? Strange Brigade!

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Available December 17th

From the developer of Devil May Cry comes a brutal story of might and madness. In Hellblade, you’ll play as a Celtic warrior during the Viking age who embarks on a journey to Hell to retrieve the soul of her lost lover. Let’s say this… Senua’s Sacrifice is not for the faint of heart.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Available December 20th

Award-winning, and awe-inspiring, Ori and the Blind Forest is a platformer you don’t want to miss. This visually stunning game tells the tale of an orphan destined for greatness. Ori’s forest home is on the brink of destruction and the only choice is to fulfil their destiny. This emotional story will explore themes of love, sacrifice, and the fight to keep hope alive even in the darkest of times.

Kingdom: Two Crowns

Available December 11th

The latest entry in the Kingdom series introduces a brand new co-op empire-building experience. In Kingdom: Two Crowns, the threat of Greed surrounds you as you work to build your monarchy. In Two Crowns you can look forward to new enemies, mounts, and the ability to build with a friend both locally and online.

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