Just Cause 4 Is Out on Tuesday | Time to Bring the Thunder

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Just Cause 4 is like if GTA and Far Cry had a baby, and then named it “Awesome”. There’s nothing quite like the Just Cause games, and this newest entry might be the best one yet.

Experience an open-world sandbox of action, adventure, and mayhem on Tuesday, December 4th. (Or right now if you pre-order the Deluxe Edition)

Welcome to Just Cause 4

Pack your bags! In Just Cause 4 you’re headed to South America, to the huge open-world location of “Solis” exactly. Corruption, violence, and extreme weather are just some of the things you’ll encounter as you, Rico Rodriguez, fight to discover the story of your past. An evil paramilitary organisation known as the Black Hand runs this part of the world, and their leader Gabriela Morales will stop at nothing to keep her power.

The World Is Yours

1024 square kilometres of open-world playground is at your fingertips in Just Cause 4, ranging from dangerous jungles to bustling cities and magnificent mountain peaks. Get ready to drive, fly, shoot, and explode your way through every inch of this exotic location. Oh, and don’t forget to bring an umbrella; the weather in Just Cause 4 can be a bit…extraordinary. Discover the reason why along your journey.

Even the Weather Is Extreme

While most people would run away from a giant tornado, Rico Rodriguez faces it head-on. Thanks to further improvements to the game’s physics engine, every extreme weather in Just Cause 4 is interactive and can be used to pull off amazing stunts. Using your wingsuit with the force of a tornado can take you to new heights! Snipe your enemies in the cover of a violent lightning storm! Even the weather has a part to play in your story.

Just Cause 4 Gives You Wings

Your wingsuit and grappling hook give you the freedom to explore the open-world of Solis however you want. Soar through the sky, drop down on enemies from above, or rip a helicopter out of the air– use these powerful tools any way you choose.

There’s a Lot More Action to Come

In addition to exclusive gear, weapons, and cosmetics, the Gold Edition of Just Cause 4 will give you access to the game’s Expansion Pass. Three brand new DLC pieces are set to release in 2019. We don’t know many details at the moment, but you can expect more story, more locations, more characters, and of course a lot more action. Make sure you follow our blog to get all the latest info when it releases.

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Just Cause 4 looks like it may be the most chaotically satisfying playground yet. Get in on the action now! Let us know in the comments what you think.