Win a VW Beetle in the Guild Wars 2 Roller Beetle Racing Sweepstakes

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Roller Beetle Racing is our favourite new thing about Guild Wars 2. Roller Beetles, colourful roly-poly-like things, were first added to GW2 as mounts back in June. From this week, you can now race your roller beetle in both solo and head-to-head challenges that earn great in-game prizes.

But it gets even better: roller beetle racing can earn you real-life prizes too in ArenaNet’s newly launched roller beetle racing sweepstakes!

Roll Out in a Brand New Car

Your skills with your Guild Wars 2 roller beetle could earn you a brand new Volkswagen Beetle in a custom wrapped RBR skin. From now until December 24th, you could win big real-world prizes simply by playing Guild Wars 2.

To enter the sweepstakes, create a Guild Wars 2 account and then sign up with your email address on the official Guild Wars 2 sweepstakes page. After that, you’ll be entered into the weekly and grand prize draws by simply participating in a roller beetle race.

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Four weeks of sweepstakes means four different weekly prizes (in addition to the all-important car) which range in value from $500 to $10,000. Any player can enter no matter how long you’ve played the game. Check out the prizes below:

Week 1 Prizes

One winner of: Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Head Set, Blackwidow Elite Keyboard Keyboard, Razer Naga Trinity Mouse and Goliathus Extended Chroma Mouse Mat. Total prize value of $500.

Ten will also be selected to win a new mouse pad each week.

Week 2 Prizes

One winner of: Alienware Aurora R7 Gaming PC and Alienware 25 Monitor. Total prize value of $4,500.

Week 3 Prizes

One winner of: 55“ TV and Soundbar. Total prize value of $5,000.

Week 4 Prizes

The winner gets the choice. Either a 4 day Sand Dunes Desert Tour in San Diego, California for them and a guest or $8,000 cash!