New Update for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth | Tides of Vengeance Goes Live Today

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Today, World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth gets its first major update since the expansion released. It’s a big one! Tides of Vengence brings new areas, quests, gear, and story to World of Warcraft on December 11th. This new update is completely free if you’re already playing the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Here’s a look at some of the new content Tides of Vengeance brings.

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New to World of Warcraft? Now is the best time yet to start playing, and the Battle for Azeroth bundle is all you need. All that great content that was active when the game first debuted is still available, along with 14 years worth of weapons, armour, quests, and raids! Battle for Azeroth also includes access to every free update such as Tides of Vengeance. To find out more about the basics of World of Warcraft and its newest expansion check out our blog post here. Need some help choosing between Alliance and Horde? Our article on the backstory leading up to Battle for Azeroth will help you decide which side you want to take.

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The Story Continues in Tides of Vengeance

In Tides of Vengence, both Alliance and Horde will be able to continue the exciting events that lead to the Battle for Azeroth. Those who side with the Horde can embark on a new quest to discover the fate of the controversial Orc warlord Saurfang. Meanwhile players who support the Alliance will finally get a chance to respond to Sylvanas’ firey destruction of the city of Darnassus.

New Warfront: Battle for Darkshore

The tides have turned, and the battle lines have advanced. Darkshore is currently under Horde control, but the Alliance seeks to change that in Tides of Vengence. It’s time for you to choose your side and report to the front lines! New missions and new questlines are available for you to help support the war effort. Will you help the Horde hold onto what they’ve claimed, or will you support the Alliance in taking back the land that “belongs” to them?

New Blood Elf and Dwarf Heritage Armour

world of warcraft tides of vengeance new armor

In Tides of Vengence, a new questline will be available for blood elf and dwarf players who have earned the rank of level 120 (or who have used the level boost included in the Battle for Azeroth expansion). Once you complete this quest you’ll receive a custom set of armour that shows your pride for your heritage.

world of warcraft tides of vengeance new armor

You can begin this quest in Orgrimmar or Stormwind; but don’t forget you also need to be exalted in Silvermoon City or Ironforge (depending on your race).

World of Warcraft Meets Pokemon

world of warcraft tides of vengeance pet battle dungeons

The Tides of Vengeance update allows you to put your battle pets to the test in an all-new Pet Battle Dungeon! A new quest will take you to the halls of Gnomeregan where you can put your most powerful battle pets up against players from around the world. There are rewards too! Exclusive schematics, pets, achievements and more can be earned through weekly competitions.

New Lands Await in Tides of Vengeance

world of warcraft tides of vengeance

Two new islands appear in the free update to World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth. Tides up Vengeance introduces players to the lands of Havenswood and Jorundall. You can take part in “Island Expeditions” on both of these new lands too! If you’re new to this feature of World of Warcraft, this is is a great time try it out. Island Expeditions are missions to hunt for Azerite, the powerful new resource introduced in Battle for Azeroth. In Island Expeditions, you land on a strange coast and try to track down as much Azerite as you can. But watch out; monsters, the opposing faction, or other challenges will try to get in your way. The wild, uncharted landscape of these new islands makes each expedition as exciting as it is dangerous! Azerite is extremely valuable, so more than just Alliance and Horde have an interest in its power…


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