The Outer Worlds Launches on Nintendo Switch Later This Week

The Outer Worlds Switch release

The Outer Worlds will be the next major release to arrive on the Nintendo Switch, making the insanely popular console even more desirable. Dark Souls, Overwatch, and Xenoblade Chronicles are just some of the amazing titles recently ported to Nintendo’s console; all of which run fantastically well and utilize the console’s Switch-able functionality to its fullest potential.

On June 5 you’ll be able to blast off to The Outer Worlds at home and on-the-go for the first time ever thanks to the power of the Red Team’s console. It’s time to decide what kind of character you’ll be! A thoughtful pacifist? A lone wolf? Or maybe hardened mercenary who shoots first and asks questions later?

Play The Outer Worlds on PC and Xbox One with Game Pass Ultimate

Prosperity Awaits You in Halcyon – Humanity’s Furthest Colony

“Dripping with personality,” a “sci-fi space romp,” and the “spiritual successor to Fallout New Vegas are just some of the ways Obsidian Entertainment’s new RPG The Outer Worlds has been described. It’s was one of our most anticipated games of 2019, and its critical acclaim shows this ranking was well delivered.

Prepare yourself for the character-building experience you’ve been longing for, because The Outer Worlds bears “all the best hallmarks of an Obsidian RPG.” What does this mean? Well to start, The Outer Worlds features a detailed character creation system. It’s equally rich with both stat building options and colourful lore. In addition, there’s a leveling system that’s accessible to newcomers yet detailed enough to satisfy hardcore number crunchers. Plus, there are a number of interesting factions within The Outer Worlds. The alliances you forge (or destroy) will drastically change the way the story unfolds.

But perhaps the best RPG feature of all is that you can literally kill every character. That’s right, the fate of every NPC is in your hands. Killing them all won’t break the game; it will, however, make it significantly more difficult.

The Full Game Experience + Portability

The Switch version of The Outer Worlds contains all of the same content as the original releases and all of the patches that have been delivered since launch. As Production Director Eric DeMilt puts it, you’re getting “the full, high-quality, experience…but with the portability of the Switch hardware.”

As an added bonus, the soon-to-release Switch version will utilize the console’s gyro motion controls. This has been added “for players who enjoy using the motion of the handheld to assist with aiming.” There will also be many more input sensitivity options available on the Switch “to help match aiming and movement to individual preferences and added sticky targeting to help with aiming for more casual players.”

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be playing The Outer Worlds on your Switch this Friday. 

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