Sea of Thieves’ New Update Shrouded Spoils Is Live

Shrouded Spoils brings new creatures

The newest free update for Sea of Thieves has sailed into port! Climb aboard and discover the treasures hidden within the mysterious fog of Shrouded Spoils!

Shrouded Spoils

With Forsaken Shores recently released and The Arena coming soon, Sea of thieves is bustling with pirate-y action right now. The Shrouded Spoils expansion has just gone live and with it rolls in the danger, mystery, and treachery of thick fog. New hazards are hidden amongst the clouded swells. There are untold treasures too! Hoist the sails, grab your grog, and discover new ways to build your pirate legend in Shrouded Spoils.

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More Adventure, More Treasure, More Features

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Along with the mysterious fog, Sea of Thieves brings a host of game-changing features that make the game better than ever before. Some of the highlights include:

  • New Boat Bling – Personalise your ship with expanded customisation options. Now you can upgrade your ship’s wheel, capstan, and even cannons!
  • Limited Time Items – Many of the new cosmetic items added to the game won’t be around forever, so grab them while they last!
  • More (and varied) Megalodons – You’re going to be seeing even more of these terrifying beasts along your travels, and different types too! Prepare to encounter Megalodons like you’ve never seen before. Shadowmaw, Ancient Terror, the Crested Queen, and the ultra-rare Shrouded Ghost are just some of the new Megalodons you’ll encounter..
  • Skeletons at Sea – Prepare to bump into Skeleton Ships out there in the fog! Some of these new undead vessels will be passive and just want to move along while others will be a bit more… aggressive. Be prepared.
  • More Cosmetic Updates – Tons of new cosmetic updates have been added, most of them to enhance your ship in the new ways we mentioned above.
  • So Much More – From quality of life updates (like sunken treasure now glinting so it’s easier to see) to bug fixes and performance updates, a massive amount has been added in this free content update. You can read the full patch notes here.

When you buy Sea of Thieves (or play it with Xbox Game Pass) you’ll automatically get every new update for free.

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