Sea of Thieves | Black Powder Stashes Now Live and Monthly Updates on the Horizon

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The first batch of new Sea of Thieves content since the massive Anniversary Update is now live. Black Powder Stashes, as it’s called, includes a host of new challenges, features, rewards and more. In addition, there’s a lot more to come. As developer Rare puts it, Black Powder Stashes is “the first in a series of planned Monthly Content Updates.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the newest treasure trove of free content, and how you can get a discounted copy of Sea of Thieves for a limited time.

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Black Powder Stashes – An Explosive Good Time

Grab your eye patch and pet parrot – the pirate life is now more explosive than ever for Xbox One and Game Pass players.

The Black Powder Stashes update introduces an exciting new Reaper’s Run to Sea of Thieves. You and your mates will face off against rival sailors as you voyage from Fort to Fort transporting explosive gunpowder kegs and other precious cargo. There are multiple routes to choose from, and there’s also less competitive Smuggler’s Runs for those who want a more chill, yet equally as explosive good time.

In addition to the Black Powder runs (and a long list of quality-of-life changes and game balance improvements), this content update adds:

  • Trading Companies Stockpiling – Looking for more rewards? Well, the Order of Souls, Gold Hoarders, and the Merchant Alliance Trading Companies will pay handsomely for some of those Kegs your hauling…
  • Mermaid Gems – Duke has heard talk of another valuable collectable item that’s been scattered about the map! Check Sunken Shipwrecks, Skeleton Fort Vaults, and even the bellies of Megalodons for extremely valuable Mermaid Gems.
  • Mercenary Commendations and Rewards – Yet another way for you and your crew to earn more loot for your dangerous efforts. Dubloons, new Titles, and new Figureheads can also be obtained by completing Black Powder voyages.
  • Monthly Updates Coming Soon

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