Our 5 Favorite New Details in the Resident Evil 3 Remake

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The horrors of raccoon city have returned over 20 years after the original launch on PS1. Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliviera, and the hulking beast that haunts you look better than ever in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

“Nemesis” may be gone from the game’s title, but his massive, grotesque, and terrifying, presence certainly is not– and his appearances are more unique than before. That’s just one of the many things we love about the new RE3 Remake, and we’ve rounded up a list of our other favorites below.

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Escape from Raccoon City

As one of the most anticipated games of 2020, Capcom hit another home run with another remake from the legendary Resident Evil series.

Your mission in Resident Evil 3 is clear. As veteran STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) member Jill Valentine, you’re primary goal is to escape from a city plagued by a flesh-eating nightmare. Meaning, you’ll need to escape from hordes of mutated creatures, an evil corporation, and a relentless Nemesis.

The new Resident Evil 3 is more than just a remake, it’s what developer Capcom calls a “reimagining.”  While it may be on the shorter end (when compared to recent Resident Evil entries), “when the Resident Evil 3 remake is good, it’s fantastic,” Eurogamer raves.

The RE3 remake is the perfect mix of classic survival/horror gameplay updated with next-gen graphics and controls. The Verge sums it up nicely in their review:

Resident Evil 3 is an entertaining, well-made game that brings one of the series’s less-heralded entries right up to date.

New Things We Love

Hit the Town

Racoon City is more than just a creepy backdrop in the Resident Evil 3 Remake. The atmosphere of the pandemic-stricken urban setting is palpable, making the hordes of zombies even more terrifying.

New Character Ability

Using the knife as a self-defense tool is out, and Jill Valentine’s skillful dodge ability is in. The Resident Evil 3 remake allows you to deftly maneuver away from a zombie’s clutches momentarily, but if you time the animation wrong (or you jump straight into another flesh-eater) you’ll find yourself in deep trouble.

Updated Nemesis

The unstoppable pursuer of Resident Evil 3 is even more terrifying in the remake thanks to new twists in every one of his encounters. Each time you meet up with Nemesis his actions, weapons, and items he drops to bold players who are able to take him down will change.

Fluid Combat

To put it simply, the action in the Resident Evil 3 Remake is more like Resident Evil 4. This is especially true when you play as Umbrella’s security operative Carlos (yep, he’s a playable character).

You can expect more zombies (hordes of them!) in RE3, and you’ll need to use the detailed Racoon City environment to help you survive. While you might have more firepower to work with compared to previous entries in the series, it’s not really any easier. One wrong turn and your you’ll soon find a hungry zombie at your throat

Two Games in One

In addition to exciting replayability options for die-hard fans (like unlockable weapons), the RE3 Remake includes Resident Evil Resistance; a stand-alone 1v4 online multiplayer experience. As Capcom describes it; in Resistance “a Mastermind presides over an experiment. Meanwhile, the subjects, the Survivors, attempt to escape in the asymmetrical-multiplayer survival horror game.

Resident Evil Resistance is an exciting new spin-off that we can’t wait to try, and you can find out more about it on the CDKeys store page here.


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