New Update “Visions” Makes No Man’s Sky Weirder Than Ever

Luscious landscape in No Man's Sky Visions

No Man’s Sky is back with yet another huge, free update for anyone that owns the game. Developer Hello Games just gave us The Abyss at the end of October and now, less than a month later, they’re back with more.

No Man’s Sky Visions Packs a Punch

While “The Abyss” introduced us to deep, underwater realms, update 1.75 will once again reach for the stars (or planets to be exact). Better known as “Visions”, this new update will add  “anomalous” planet biomes, creating a “weirder, more diverse universe to explore.” You can expect to see new creatures inhabiting these strange landscapes, each with unique habits and movements.

Exploring the eery landscape in No Man's Sky Visions

And it’s not only these new biomes that will see changes with Visions. Hello Games promises that “the universe has become more alien, vibrant and exciting to explore” with the new update. More plant diversity, water variation, and atmosphere/weather effects (including rainbows!) will make No Man’s Sky better than ever with this patch.

A Universe of Other New Features

Approach to Mepanciti III in light speed in No Man's Sky Visions

There is so much more being added with the No Man’s Sky Visions update that we haven’t even mentioned yet. In addition to stability fixes and quality of life changes, you can also look forward to:

  • Exotic Trophies – Discover mysterious artifacts hidden in alien objects.
  • Archaeology – Bones and other objects from alien lifeforms are now scattered throughout the galaxy for you to find (and study).
  • Salvageable Scrap – Rare, ultra-valuable scrap from long-forgotten satellites can now be unearthed. But beware of the new corrupted sentinel drones that guard them!
  • Storm Crystals – Luminescent crystals now appear (in the worst weather) which you can mine for a small fortune!
  • Varied Hazardous Flora – “Carnivorous trap plants” and “bloated gas flora” are ready to gobble you up.
  • Sentient Minerals – Yep, you read that right. There are weird alien rocks that can get up and run away when you turn your mining laser on them!
  • New building parts, fireworks, and of course emotes too – No update would be complete without those!

Visions is available Thursday (November 22nd) and is a completely free update for No Man’s Sky owners. When you buy the game, you’ll get access to every single update instantly. You’ll also get every new one in the future! Developer Hello Games have kept their recent promises, so we expect to see lots more added to the game very soon.

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