Free Games with Gold March Deals

This month, Xbox has put up three free games for Xbox Live Gold account owners to download and play. Once you have downloaded the games, you will be able to keep them on your account, even if you lose your Gold status. As per usual, there are two games for the Xbox 360, and one game for the Xbox One this month.

Xbox One – Rayman Legends

rayman legends For Xbox One players, Xbox has put up Rayman Legends for free. Rayman Legends is a platformer game developed by Ubisoft that takes the age old franchise and breathes new air onto it. Rayman Legends was released in 2013, and it features similar gameplay to Rayman Origins. Up to four players can play together to run through each level, defeating enemies and collecting items.

Rayman Legends is usually available for $39.99 on the Xbox Live Games Store, so being able to pick it up for free is pretty awesome.

Xbox 360 – Tomb Raider

tombraiderSince the 1st of March, Tomb Raider has been available on the Xbox 360, and it will continue to be available for free to all Xbox Live Gold members, until being replaced with the next Xbox 360 game on March 16th.

The next upcoming Tomb Raider game has recently been made an exclusive for Xbox, so being able to play the original Tomb Raider remake that leads into the next game for free this month is pretty awesome.

Released in 2013, Tomb Raider managed to make it as one of the best action adventure games of the year, and pretty much everything about it has been liked by critics across the world. If you’re a fan of action/adventure titles, and you haven’t yet tried playing Tomb Raider, you have till March 15th to try it out.

Xbox 360 – Bioshock Infinite

bio-shock-infiniteBioshock Infinite was yet another great game that released in 2013 to be met with huge critical appeal, and on March 16th, it will swap out with Tomb Raider and will be available for free till the end of March.

Bioshock Infinite offered a bit of a unique twist from the original two Bioshock games. Whilst Infinite still had the amazing blend of FPS and RPG elements, it took place in 1912 on a steampunk style city called Columbia.

The story in Bioshock Infinite was absolutely stunning, just like the previous games in the franchise, and there’s no doubt that even today it still holds a lot of value in many gamer’s hearts. If you haven’t played through Infinite yet, you should really give it a go when it becomes available later this month. It’s an absolute classic and shouldn’t be missed.

So, there we have it. The Xbox One sees a full month of free Rayman Legends, whilst the Xbox 360 gets two amazing award winning titles from 2013, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. Which game is the best out of these three? That’s almost impossible to answer, but they are all feature amazing gameplay, and this is definitely not the month to miss for free Xbox Gold games.

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