PS Plus November Line-up Revealed

Last month was a bit of an odd one for free PS Plus games, but fortunately things have been put back on track this month, and as a result, a pretty decent line-up has been revealed for PS Plus. If you are a PS Plus subscriber and want to know about what games are now available for free, read on, we’ve got all of the details below.


Both games available for the PS4 this month can also be picked up for the PS Vita as part of a cross-play deal, so even if you only have the PS Vita, you’ll be able to try out both the games listed below.

Binding of Isaac Rebirth

thebindingofisaacrebirthThe first game available for free to PS Plus subscribers this month is Binding of Isaac Rebirth. This title is a brand new remake of the original that features some new content, as well as a slight redesign of the original game.

Binding of Isaac is a rogue-like inspired game that is filled with random loot and dungeon crawling madness, filled with puzzles, boss fights, all sorts of unlockables and loads of other great things for you to get lost in.

Steamworld Dig

steamworlddigSteamworld Dig is another indie game available as a cross-play deal. In Steamworld Dig, you will be able to mine your way to riches as you come across all sorts of valuable ores. You will be able to spend your earnings on upgrades and new cosmetic changes in the main mine town.


The PlayStation 3 is also host to two indie games this month, both of which are detailed below.

Frozen Synapse Prime

frozensynapseprime First up is Frozen Synapse Prime, a strategy game that puts you in control of a small rebel faction that is attempting to overthrow a powerful and evil corporation. You’ll be able to take control of a strike team that is filled with snipers, shotgunners, grenadiers and machine-gunners in this game.


luftraisersLuftrausers! is an arcade shoot-em up style game that features over 100 different combinations of weapons and equipment loadouts, giving you a lot of opportunity for customisation. Luftrausers! puts you in control of a plane as you take down enemy airplanes, battleships and submarines.

PS Vita

On the PS Vita, two more games have been added, on top of the two cross-play PS4 titles mentioned previously.

The Hungry Horde

thehungryhordeThe Hungry Horde is a brand new arcade game that is filled with lots of action packed puzzles. Unlike most zombie games, The Hungry Horde puts you in control of the zombies, and your objective is to grow your zombie horde as large as possible.

Escape Plan

escape-plan-for-ps3Escape Plan is another puzzler for the PS Vita that has a set of super gorgeous graphics and a great storyline to follow as well. The story follows two characters as they try to escape a high facility prison. The gameplay itself isn’t entirely amazing, but for a new free game, you should find it easy to happily waste a few hours getting lost in Escape Plan.

What games have taken your interest this month?

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