Details on Free PSN Plus March Games

Unfortunately, there are only five games available in the PSN Plus March line-up this month, but that’s not such a bad thing, because the games that are currently free are all worth checking out. The PS4 unfortunately only has one title this month, whilst the PS3 and the PS Vita both have two free games each.

PS4 – Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition

dead-nation-for-ps4Dead Nation is a top down shooter game that places players in an apocalyptic world, infested with zombies. The Apocalypse Edition features the main full campaign that was in the original game, as well as the expansion game modes, arcade and endless. This is a great game to invite a friend round for, as the entire campaign can be played co-operatively.

PS3 – Tomb Raider

tomb-radier-ps3The first game for the PlayStation 3 this month is Tomb Raider. This is the original re-release that launched in 2013 to huge critical acclaim. There’s no doubt that the new Tomb Raider franchise is absolutely stunning, and if you haven’t managed to play it yet, I’d definitely suggest downloading it and giving it a go this month.

PS3 – Brothers A Tale of Two Sons

brothers-ps3There is no doubt that the PlayStation 3 is the highlight of this month’s free PSN line-up. Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is an award winning puzzle game that allows you to control two brothers simultaneously as you attempt to complete puzzles and learn more about the world these two brothers are based in.

The story focuses on the two brothers as they attempt to collect water from the tree of life to save their ill father. As well as having some really enjoyable puzzle elements, the story and presentation of this game is really what makes Brothers A Tale of Two Sons stand out.

PS Vita – Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD

monsters-ultimate-pixel-junk-for-ps-vitaFirst up on PS Vita is Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD – this is a high definition remake of a very popular tower defence game. The game features online play and very addictive gameplay that’ll keep your eyes glued to the screen for way, way too long.

The graphics and interface are perhaps not as amazing as you’d hope, but considering that the game is free, it’s definitely worth giving a go if you have enjoyed tower defence games in the past.

PS Vita – Smart As!

smartasFinally, Smart As! is available as the second game on the PS Vita. With this game, you’ll use the touch and tilt controls to solve math problems, memory and word puzzles, as well as logic based puzzles. The game takes these puzzles and puts them into an augmented reality environment by using the PS Vita’s camera. Smart As! may be something some PS Vita owners may never even touch, but it’s definitely a good way to give your brain a bit of an exercise.

It’s a shame that the PlayStation 4 only received one game this month, but despite this March’s PSN Plus line-up is looking pretty great. What games are you most interested to play?

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