Anthem Guide | Which Javelin Suit Should You Choose?

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If you’ve just recently jumped into Anthem, you may be struggling to decide which Javelin suit of armour is right for you.

Each Javelin suit represents a different class in the game. Complete with strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities, these details can make choosing the right one a bit tough.

Below, we’ve detailed all four Javelins classes to help you decide. Keep in mind that it also matters what the rest of your squad picks. You might want to check with your friends before suiting up.

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Anthem: Javelin Suit Guide


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Strengths: Jack of all trades

Weaknesses: Master of none

Best Javelin for: Players who like to do a bit of everything

Ranger is the first Javelin class that you have access to in Anthem. It’s a great suit to start with because it’ll help you decide how you like to play the game.

The Ranger Javelin can do a bit of everything: shield with a defensive bubble, equip versatile assault gear and lob multiple grenade types. However, aside from the Ranger’s powerful rocket barrage ultimate ability, none of this class’ attacks is especially powerful on their own. Instead, the Ranger class excels by being a “jack of all trades.”

If you like playing as a well-balanced character who can adapt to a variety of situations and fit into any group – stick with Ranger. But, if you don’t like being a “master of none”, we recommend moving onto a new Javelin when you get the chance.


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Strengths: Fast, hard-hitting melee damage

Weaknesses: Low health, limited range

Best Javelin for: players who like the “Rogue” class

While the Ranger is well balanced, the Interceptor class is all about one thing – speed.

The Interceptor Javelin suit allows you to bombard enemies with a variety of melee attacks and other close-range weaponry (like shotguns). This class specialises in acid and ice powers with an ultimate ability that makes the player temporarily invulnerable. This is extremely useful for this class because the Interceptor’s main weakness is its low health.

The Interceptor is a bit of a “glass cannon.” It can dish out a lot of damage, but not take very much. You’ll need to have a Colossus in your squad to make sure the enemy’s focus doesn’t switch to you while utilising careful management of your own support abilities.

All of this means that the Interceptor Javelin is a more advanced class to master, but the reward is massive DPS (Damage Per Second) potential.


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Strengths: Ranged aerial damage over a wide area

Weaknesses: Low health, limited close-range effectiveness

Best Javelin for: Players that like “sniper” skill-sets and managing elemental effects

Storm is another DPS (Damage Per Second) focused Javelin suit. Instead of melee damage like the Interceptor, Storm focuses on ranged area-of-effect damage. This means it can wreak havoc on many enemies all at once. Another notable power that this class possesses is the “Hover” ability, allowing you to constantly float in mid-air to rain down damage on your enemies.

Storm is a great Javelin choice for players who excel in crowd control and who want to deal damage in a variety of elemental types. With this damage versatility, you’ll be ready for whatever resistances your foes might have. This strength is best exemplified in Storm’s ultimate ability. It decimates targets with successive blasts of electricity, fire, and frost damage.

But, while the Storm Javelin suit can deal a lot of damage, it can’t take very much. Like every class, it has it’s own defensive abilities, but you’re really going to need a Colossus in your squad to take the big hits.


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Strengths: High strength, high damage absorption

Weaknesses: Slow speed, limited weapon choices

Best Javelin for: Players who like to be the “Tank” in their group

The Colossus is for players who like massive amounts of brute strength and massive amounts of damage absorption. This class cannot use pistols or SMGs, but it’s the only one that can use high damage “heavy weapons.” But who needs weapons when you can simply bash enemies with your shield when they stand in your way?

The Colossus Javelin suit functions best in a squad when it’s the main target. By “tanking” the damage received by enemies, the rest of your squad can dish out their own damage along with support for you. Then, after your ultimate ability has charged up, you can unleash the fury of the siege cannon. This powerful attack launches explosive projectiles that are perfect for taking down bosses.

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Which Javelin is your favourite, and why? Let us know in the comments below!