How to Get Coin, Crafting Materials and XP Fast | Anthem Launch on Friday

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Everyone has been waiting for the Anthem launch this Friday, and our hands are itching to get the full version of the game. Although it wasn’t nearly long enough, we did learn a thing or two playing the beta that we want to pass along.

In your first hours of the game, you’ll quickly realise that there are three things that make the Anthem world go round: materials, coins, and experience points (XP). Here are some tips on how to get each one of these as fast as possible in time for the Anthem launch.

Anthem Launch: Get Everything Fast

How to Get Crafting Materials Fast

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Crafting is super important in Anthem, and you should start doing it as soon as you can. But you can’t do any crafting without the necessary materials.

There are mineral deposits (and some plants too) that can be harvested as you adventure through the world. Don’t pass these by. The free materials they provide are incredibly useful, and you’ll also get an XP bonus from farming them.

These deposits can even drop Rare Embers that you’ll really need. We passed by so many of these harvesting spots during the beta and didn’t realize how valuable they were until our time was almost up! You can also buy materials, but why skip these free ones?

If you do need to purchase some extra supplies, you can do so from the Regulator Store. For that, you’re going to need “Coin”– so let’s talk about how to get that next.

How to Get Coin Fast

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Coin can be used to buy materials and other useful items from the Regulator Store as we just mentioned, but it can also be used to purchase the best-looking cosmetic items in the game. There are no “real money” microtransactions in Anthem (unlike Destiny 2), so you’ll need Coin to buy all those sweet bonus items.

There are two main ways to get Coin fast in Anthem. The first is through building your Alliance experience and the second is by completing the in-game “Challenges”.

Alliance Tiers

Do you know any players that will be putting many hours into the game? Add them to your friends list! You can raise your Alliance tier level by simply playing the game with friends. These same friends will then earn Coin for you whenever they play. “The more you play, the more Coin you can earn for the other players in your Alliance.”


Challenges are really important if you want to maximise the amount of Coin you earn. You won’t be able to complete every challenge in one sitting, but by slowly chipping away at these tasks over the course of the week you’ll soon find yourself rolling in Coin (and materials too).

How to Get XP Fast

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While killing enemies does generate XP, this is not the fastest way to level up. To boost your levels and get access to the best gear faster, you need to complete “Feats”. When you complete Feats you earn medals that award you XP bonuses with every enemy you kill. These medals can also increase in rank as you progress to provide even bigger boosts to experience.

It may seem a little tedious, but you’ll make much better use of your time by following the specific instructions described in the Feats descriptions.

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Did you play the Anthem beta? Help us out and pass along any other useful tips or tricks you learned along the way in time for the Anthem launch this Friday! Post what you know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.