Xbox Live Games with Gold for August – Stealth, Survival, and Zombies

Games with Gold

Xbox Live members can look forward to a solid range of free games in August, with two titles each for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Xbox 360

From August 1st to 15th, Xbox 360 owners with a Gold account can download Metro 2033 for free. Based on the novel of the same name by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, this 2010 title was created by Ukraine’s 4A Games, and puts players in control of gun-toting hero Artyom. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow, and mainly takes place in the city’s Metro system (though players do need to surface at one time or another, glimpsing a world in ruins). Using guns based on real and game-specific designs, players can take on aggressive survivors as well as mutants.

Metro 2033 is an atmospheric first-person adventure, incorporating elements of survival horror, with flashlights and night-vision goggles helping to bring light to the darkened tunnels. Players need to manage scarce ammunition and medkits carefully if they’re to survive!

Metro 2033

From August 16th to 31st, Gold members can download Metro: Last Light. This is a sequel to Metro 2033, and once again incorporates survival-horror elements into a first-person shooter. Facing mutants and dangerous survivors once more, players must make their way through Moscow’s Metro, navigating tunnels and using a range of weapons to stay alive. As in the first game, players can expect hallucinations and paranormal events, and the harsh environment demands Artyom’s gas mask stays equipped with filters to protect against the toxic air.

Metro Last Light

Xbox One

For the whole of August, Xbox One owners with a Gold account can download Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Players take on the role of Snake in a series of missions based around the series’ tried-and-true stealth action: remaining undetected is key as you evade or eliminate guards, using a range of equipment, including binoculars and the iDroid (a new gadget).

Reflex Mode has been added, which allows Snake to take an enemy out when spotted: the game slips into slow motion, and Snake has only a short window to act within before the alarm is raised. There are seven missions in total, each with different tasks, from taking down certain targets to accessing classified data. Extra missions can be unlocked after completing specific objectives.

Metal Gear Solid

Last but not least, from August 16th to September 15th, players can download How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition. This is a repackaged version of How to Survive, adding rain to the mix – this makes a big difference to gameplay, with campfires now easily extinguished by stormy weather, and keeping your supply of flint well-stocked more important than ever. Unlike some other zombie-based games, this one allows players to go a little deeper into the survival aspect, with scavenging for items and exploring the island’s environment key.

Zombies are smart in this game too, with entire hordes descending on you if spotted by just one of the undead – luckily, they can be taken out with a range of weapons, such as a flamethrower, and finishing moves can be used to great effect. This re-release includes extra content previously released as DLC, including Barricade! Mode, which puts you in charge of protecting a group of survivors from wave after wave of zombie attacks. Harder difficulty levels have also been added.

How to survive storm

All in all, that’s a great selection for the month! What do you think? Let us know below!

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