Xbox Game Pass – New November Games Revealed and More to Come Soon

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It hasn’t even been a week since Xbox Game Pass members got a surprise batch of spooky new games to play, and now they’re getting even more. Starting on November 1st, Game Pass members will get access to five more fantastic games. And, on November 10th, even more new games will be announced at the X018 Microsoft conference! Read on to find what’s in store for this month, how Game Pass works, and how you can become a member for really cheap right now.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is like Netflix for games. You pay one monthly price and you get access to over 100 games (with new ones added monthly) that you can play 24 hours a day for as long as you want. It’s just like other game subscriptions, but Xbox Game Pass isn’t limited to just one publisher — which means you can play a wider variety of titles. Game Pass members also get access to Xbox exclusive titles on the day they release– like Forza Horizon 4 earlier this month.

Play all of these games and over 100 more with an Xbox Game Pass Subscription starting at £2.99 if you join today!


Sniper Elite 4 (Available November 1)

Travel through diverse and detailed environments and engage in stealth gameplay as you help liberate Italy from the jaws of fascism. This latest entry in the World War II combat franchise takes you closer to the action than ever before. When you get the kill-shot in Sniper Elite 4… you’ll know. Check out the video above to see what we mean.

Olli Olli 2 XL Edition (Available November 1)

This award-winning side-scrolling skateboard game will let you grind, flip, and manual your way through 100 unique levels. Play single player, or with friends in local multiplayer. There’s also the option to go for a Free-Skate to discover new tricks, perfect old ones, and develop the ultimate flow.

Sheltered (Available November 1)

It goes without saying that life in a post-apocalyptic world isn’t easy; but being safe in a bunker helps… at least until the food runs out. In Sheltered, it’s your job to keep you and your family safe and alive for as long as you can– even when the odds are against you. You’ll encounter intruders, combat crazed outsiders, and manage resources in a world that’s randomly generated in each playthrough. Good luck.

Rise and Shine (Available November 1)

Aliens are here, but never fear, Rise and his trusty gun named “Shine” are here! Welcome to a world populated by classic video game characters, that’s also being invaded by an army of aliens called Space Grunts. With unlimited respawns, you’ll experience beautifully hand drawn set pieces, huge explosions, exciting boss fights, and classic run-and-gun action! This next-gen shooter is a perfect example of how to update a genre!

Grip: Combat Racing (Available November 6)

You’ve heard of parkour… But have you experienced CARkour?? The hours of amazing content in Grip: Combat racing are packed with exactly what you might expect: 15 different armored combat vehicles battling it out on 22 unique racetracks. But what you might not be expecting is that these tracks span 4 different planets, and that there’s also a PvP battle mode that supports up to 4-player split-screen!


All of these games and over 100 more are yours for the playing when you become a Game Pass member. And don’t forget, on November 10th even more new games will be announced at the X018 Xbox convention! Be sure to check back on our blog for all the details, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to be the first to know!