New Fortnitemares Challenges – Part 2, Part 3, and Cube Monster Guide

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Fortnitemares is well underway, and the invasion of the Cube Monster continues! How are you handling this spooky spillover of Save The World mode into Battle Royale? If those Cube Fiends and Cube Brutes are distracting you from getting your Victory Royale, we’ve got some tips on how you can deal with them. You can also find Part 2 and Part 3 of the special Fortnitemares challenges (and the unique rewards they unlock) below.

Go here for Part 1 of the Fortnitemares challenges.


Fortnitemares Challenges – Sets 2 and 3

Fortnitemares Challenges – Part 2 (Reward = Deadfire Spray)

  • Destroy Cube Fiends (0/150)
  • Deal damage with shotguns or SMGs to Cube Monsters (0/5,000)
  • Eliminate opponents at Corrupted Areas (0/3)
  • Destroy a Ghost Decoration in different Named Locations (0/7)

Fortnitemares Challenges – Part 3 (Reward = Virulent Flames Contrail)

  • Destroy Cube Brutes (0/25)
  • Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to Cube Monsters (0/2,000)
  • Search Chests in Corrupted Areas (0/7)
  • Stage 1/3: Visit Wailing Woods (0/5)

Cube Monsters Guide

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In addition to the Fortnitemares challenges, you’ll might also need to eliminate Cube Monsters simply because they’re getting in your way! Another bonus to killing these Fiends and Brutes is that you’ll receive a shield boost– so you can actually use these monsters as an advantage during a match. Here are some other tips regarding Cube Monsters to help you get that Victory Royale even in these dark and spooky times:

  • Cube Monsters spawn around Cube Fragments (those purple glowy chunks jutting out of the ground), and those Fragments appear in the newly added Corrupted Areas.
  • Headshots also work on Cube Monsters!
  • Quadcrashers (and other vehicles) are great for dealing damage to Cube Monsters!
  • Besides shields, Cube Monsters will also drop ammo and occasionally other goodies.
  • You only get credit for a Cube Monster kill if you’re the last one to deal damage before it goes down. Keep that in mind if you’re in a squad.


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