Fortnitemares 2018 Has Begun – Part 1 of the Spooky New Limited Time Challenges


Season 6 just got more Halloween-y. The zombie fighting action of Fortnite’s Save The World mode has spilled into Battle Royale. The second Fortnitemares even it upon us, and this year we’ll be battling loot-dropping “CUBE monsters”. These monsters also give you extra shield when you kill them, but more importantly, eliminating them is part of a new set of special limited time challenges. And as you might expect, special Fortnitemares skins and gear are up for grabs.

These challenges are separate from the normal Weekly Challenges. That’s right, you get extra loot this week! Check out our blog for the list of Season 6, Week 5 Challenges.

Fortnitemares Brings New Loot

The “Six Shooter” pictured at the top of the page is now available, as well as a new unlockables like the “Shackled Stone” Back Bling, a new pickaxe named “Dark Shard” (this is really cool!), and last but not least the new Deadfire skin! Like the Dire Werewolf skin that’s unlockable at Tier 100, Deadfire will change throughout a match based on how many eliminations you get! Unlock specific Fortnitemares loot after you complete each set of challenges too — the first set is listed below.

You have a Battle Pass, Right?

If you don’t have a Battle Pass, you’re missing out on a lot of sweet loot. Sweet loot that you can unlock while you play the game! Get the V-Bucks you need for your Battle Pass for a lot less by using the PlayStation or Microsoft store cards in our Top-Ups section. It’s easy. Following these 3 simple steps.

Fortnitemares Challenges – Set 1

Image result for fortnitemares

As you might’ve noticed, this is just “set 1” of the challenges for this limited time event. Each new set of challenges will unlock every few days during Fortnitemares. The next set will unlock in about 2 days from now, so be sure to check back then! Here are the first 4 challenges for you to complete:

  • Destroy Cube Monsters (0/200)
  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to Cube Monsters (0/5000)
  • Visit a Corrupted Area in Different Matches (0/7) – We included a map in this blog post!
  • Dance in front of Different Gargoyles (0/5)

These challenges are all pretty simple and straightforward, except maybe for finding those Gargoyles you need to dance in front of. These monstrous statues are scattered all over the map– and there are a lot of them in Haunted Hills especially! Start there, and then here’s a video if you need some additional help finding the rest.


Parts 2, 3, and 4 of the Fortnitemares challenges will unlock over the few days. What do you think of the new limited time event? Let us know in the comments below!