Top 5 New Releases to Play This January

New Releases in January

If you’re looking for a new game to play, there are 5 new releases in January that you should check out. There is something for everyone in the list below, and hours of gameplay to tide you over until the first of our Top 10 Confirmed Games of 2020 comes out.

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New Releases in January

Grand Theft Auto 5 (On Xbox Game Pass)

Available as of 3rd January

GTA 5 originally arrived on Xbox One in 2014, but it’s just become available for all of the console’s Game Pass members. Now is the perfect time to check out the crime-ridden, award-winning, open-world playground of Los Santos if you haven’t already. GTA Online, the multiplayer game mode that’s helped to keep the game so massively successful for so long, has just received some huge new updates.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne DLC (PC)

9th January 

PC players can finally continue their adventure in this huge DLC expansion to the Monster Hunter World base game. After traveling across miles of rough seas in the Third Fleet’s airship, you and your team have discovered a snow-covered landmass known as “Hoarfrost Reach”. This new location is a completely unexplored region teeming with treacherous biomes, vicious beasts, and a strange mystery at the heart of it all. And, for an added challenge, Iceborne adds the difficulty-enhancing “Master Rank” to the game for all hunters who are up for relentless punishment.

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AO Tennis 2

9th January

Besides being the most realistic Australian Open gaming experience available, AO Tennis 2 is special for another reason – it’s the only tennis game that’s designed for and by its very community.

The best players in the world are in AO Tennis 2, and the game’s redesigned career mode will give you the chance to challenge them in either singles or doubles (with a friend)! New game modes are also available, including a scenario editor and the ability to relive legendary tennis matches of the past.

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

17th January

Are you a DBZ fan? If so, this is your chance to play through the epic Dragon Ball Z adventure like never before.

Kakarot allows players to experience every little detail of the DBZ world. Enhance your hero with detailed RPG mechanics and do battle across massive, destructible battlefields. Then, in your downtime, fish, eat, train, and fight with Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, and other characters.

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Journey to the Savage Planet

28th January

Gaming is usually better with friends, especially a cooperative romp through a brightly colored alien world filled with fantastic creatures!

Interstellar exploration, cataloging, and combat are what you have to look forward to when you play Journey to the Savage Planet later this month. There’s an original story at the heart of the game too, giving you the chance to answer the age-old question of whether or not we’re alone in the universe.

Let us know which of the new releases in January you’re most excited about.

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