Three Features That Make Monster Energy Supercross 3 Better Than Ever

Monster Energy is serving up a third round of frenetic, fast-paced, dirt on your goggles action this week. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3 will be released on 4th February, bringing with it the full experience of the Supercross world.

Below, we’ve got a preview of some of the most exciting features you can expect in this newest entry in the series. There’s also a link where you can pick up the PC version (on sale for a limited time) in the store.

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Welcome to the Official Supercross World

Accept no imitations. Monster Energy Supercross is the only official AMA Supercross Championship game available, and this year it’s more official than ever. Meaning, there are more real teams, more realistic training compounds, and more official stadiums and tracks that ever before. It’s what the game’s publisher calls an exact replica of the Supercross world!

This is your chance to race your way through the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season, competing with 100 riders across 15 courses. And for the first time ever in the series, you can now join the official 2019 Supercross Teams in the updated career mode. Grab your bike and ride with your favourite Supercross celebrities!

Enhanced Multiplayer

Multiplayer co-op has finally arrived. The game features a new racing compound (inspired by the real-life Corona Supercross Test Track) where you can race, train, and roam around with your friends. It’s a massive space with unlimited potential!

Supercross 3’s online multiplayer has improved as well! Thanks to the addition of new dedicated servers providing low-latency gameplay across old and new game modes alike. Give it a shot in Monster Energy Supercross 3’s new Race Director mode, a new feature that grants full control over online competitions. Everything from camera angles to your friend’s starting positions can be customized in this mode.

An Even More Realistic Ride

With redesigned ground/air physics, enhanced rider models, and hyper-realistic animations, it’s more life-like than before. In addition, female riders are now included in the customizing options!

You can also be building in Supercross 3’s track editor; it’s more detailed than ever and allows for easy sharing of your custom courses with the community.


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