Top 5 Game Reveals in Sony’s PS5 “Future of Gaming” Event

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After Microsoft showed off the Series X last month, Sony had its chance to reveal “the future of gaming” in a virtual presentation for the PS5. There was zero filler in the livestream; it was packed with trailer after trailer of world premiere cinematics and gameplay for titles soon to arrive on the eagerly awaited PlayStation 5.

It was tough, but we’ve narrowed down the 5 most exciting reveals showcased in the event. Be sure to look out for deals on these games (and other PS5 titles) in the CDKeys store coming soon.

Hitman 3

One of the few reveals in Sony’s presentation with a semi-definite releases date, Hitman 3 will arrive on the PS5 in January 2021. The next chapter in the infamous assassin’s career will be “the most intimate and professional contract” yet.

Developer IO interactive promised Hitman 3 will add new ways to explore and interact with the environment as well; adding that they want the game to be “tactile,” and for players to feel “that their actions have an impact on what is going on around them and their future playthroughs.” Look out for pre-order deals on Hitman 3 in the CDKeys store soon.

Horizon Forbidden West

Another highlight of the PS5 event, the cinematic reveal trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn’s sequel was nothing but spectacular. “Forbidden West”, as it’s called, looks like it will deliver another detailed open world, intense visceral combat, and a continuation of Aloy’s amazing story. Check out the trailer above to see for yourself!

Resident Evil Village

Legendary director Shinji Mikami introduced new gameplay for Ghostwire Tokyo on Thursday, but what we were a little more interested in was the newest entry in another series he’s lent his talent to. Resident Evil VIIlage (notice the Roman numerals?) will be the title of the 8th (numerical) installment in the iconic zombie franchise.

In the trailer, protagonist Ethan from RE7 makes a return, as does Mia and another well known Resident Evil character. Resident Evil Village will take place 7 years after the events of the previous game, and will be even more action-oriented. Check out all the Resident Evil deals in the CDKeys store if you haven’t played them all.

Demon’s Souls Remake

The original entry in FromSoftware’s so-called “Soulsborne” series will soon return in an updated version on the PlayStation 5. There’s no word yet on whether the Demon’s Souls remake will be exclusive to PS5; although it may be worth noting that the original launch on the PlayStation 3 was. Be sure to follow the CDKeys blog to stay up-to-date on Demon’s Souls news (and pre-order deals) as it arrives.


When it was first revealed at E3 2019, we knew that Arkane Studios’ new game would feature lots of action and lots of Groundhog’s Day-like looping of events. Now, after the gameplay revealed during the PS5 event, we can see that Deathloop will feature all the slick, stylish, brutally satisfying death-dealing we were hoping for. And, perhaps most importantly, Deathloop looks like it will bring the energy and soul of the Dishonored series.


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