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Disintegration, one of the top new games to release in June, has finally arrived. Developed by small indie studio V1 Interactive (founded by the co-creator of Halo) and published by Private Division (The Outer Worlds, Kerbal Space Program), this new game pushes the boundaries of the sci-fi shooter genre.

Here’s everything you need to know about Disintegration, including a link to pick up your copy from the CDKeys store right now.

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It’s Time to Reboot Humanity

Disintegration is what you get when you combine First-Person Shooter action, Real-Time Strategy tactics, and the creative director of Halo Reach. As Gamespot explains:

Disintegration smashes first-person-shooting and real-time tactics together to create a wild, crazy thrill ride of a strategy game.

It all goes down on near-future Earth; where the only hope for humanity is the “Integration” of human brains in a robot body. It’s a process, as you might’ve guessed,  that not everyone is fond of.

You’ll play as Romer Shoal, an Integrated pilot grasping onto his own fading memories. It’s up to you to command an outlaw resistance group to protect what remains of human society.

Riveting Single-Player campaign

Disintegration features a detailed single-player story mode in addition to competitive multiplayer– a rare treat these days. Much like the beloved Titanfall 2, the standalone campaign is worth the price of the game in itself. And, also like Titanfall 2, much of the gameplay and strategy of the single-player mode carries over to multiplayer. Learn more about the “Black Shuck and the domineering Rayonne forces bent on eliminating human society” in the trailer above!

Frenetic Multiplayer Action

Lastly, you can take your game online for fast-paced 5v5 action. Across three different modes and a variety of maps, Disintegration’s PvP multiplayer features complex, team-based combat. You’ll need to coordinate with your squad to utilize ground units, abilities, and the full destructive potential of your Gravcycle.

At the beginning of each match, you and your teammates will choose from unique group loadouts. Each one boasting its own advantages, disadvantages, and specific roles. Learn more on the store page here.


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