The Sims 4 | Top 5 Must-Have Expansion Packs and New Eco Lifestyle Trailer

The Sims™ 4 Island Living for PC/Mac | Origin

The Sims 4 has been one of the most popular titles worldwide since it first released in 2014. Besides the fantastic base game, developer Maxis has provided a steady stream of DLC packs that keep your Sims’ lives fresh and interesting.

There are over 20 different Game and Stuff packs to choose from (all of which you can check in the CDKeys store), but this roundup focuses on the larger chunks of DLC content for Sims 4– the Expansion Packs.

Your personal favorite Pack might depend on your playstyle, which packs you already have, and what kind of a lifestyle you want your Sims live; but every Expansion in the list below is well worth your cash simply because of the sheer volume of playtime and features it provides.

If you already own all these Packs, the next Sims 4 Expansion “Eco Lifestyle” will release in June. Keep reading past the top 5 to find out more about it.

Island Living

Sometimes your Sims need a major change of pace. Before Animal Crossing: New Horizons there was Island Living! This expansion pass allows your Sims to travel to the tropical island hideaway of Sulani to enjoy endless sun, sand, and fun.

New activities, new jobs, and new experiences await in this major expansion. Plus, your Sims can enjoy everything from fun activities like swimming and building sandcastles to new career options like “conservationist” and “lifeguard”. Of course, they can also just sit around and relax by the water too!

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Discover University

It’s time to hit the books with Discover University. This is the chance for your Sims to study hard, party harder, and enjoy all kinds of enriching collegiate experiences! Check out the new features via the link below.

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Get Famous

Start from the bottom, and end up in a mansion in the Del Sol Valley hillside. A new glitz and glamor filled world awaits you in the Get Famous DLC.

This substantial Expansion Pack includes everything you need to kick off your Sims’ careers as actors, influencers, or just all-around bigshots. With Get Famous, your Sims can become A-list celebrities and enjoy all the VIP perks that come along with that lifestyle– like not having to pay for anything ever!

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Once you add on the Season Pack it’s hard to imagine you ever played without. Besides making your Sims’ lifestyles much more realistic, the Seasons Pack adds a long list of dynamic new ways to enjoy each part of the year. Sweltering hot summer days, frigid winters, and everything in between is contained in The Sims 4 Seasons add-on, along with all the new activities and decorations that each season brings!

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Cats and Dogs

Who would want to live in a world without pets? We sure wouldn’t… so why should our Sims? The Cats and Dogs expansion adds exactly what you expect and so much more. In addition to a diverse range of furry friends to choose from, your Sims can meet up with other pet owners, take part in pet competitions, and even run a veterinary clinic!

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Coming Soon: Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

On 5th June your Sims can step into Evergreen Harbor, the gleaming bastion of sustainable living– if you can keep it that way. Every action you take in this “green” city will influence the world around you.

You will decide whether the skies are blackened with pollution or clear enough to witness the aurora borealis. It all depends on how well your Sims reduce their eco-footprint. Get a glimpse at some of the dumpster diving, dew collecting, and healthy living contained in this very eco-friendly Expansion Pack.

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