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Looking for a relaxing and immersive simulator to take your mind off all the stressors in the world? Bus Mechanic Simulator is exactly that.

From Football Manager 2020 to Cities: Skylines or the ever-satisfying Kerbal Space Program, there’s a wide range of sim games to choose from. And with today’s new release, you can now take on the role of a professional bus mechanic and all the maintaining, repairing, and restoring that comes with the job! Read on to find out more about Bus Mechanic Simulator and how you can grab it on sale (for a limited time) from the CDKeys store.

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Build Your Own Bus Repair Empire

Despite for fans of the job-simulator genre, Developer VIS-Games’ new game looks surprisingly challenging! Bus Mechanic Simulator also looks surprisingly relaxing and addictive thanks to its immersive realism.

Roll up your sleeves, because it’s time to step into an authentic garage (painstakingly modeled after one in Hamburg) for an authentic engineering experience. While you repair, test, and maintain a variety of original MAN buses you’ll encounter numerous challenges, opportunities, and options to make your very own bus garage truly yours. Check out the features below for more in-depth info on gameplay.


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Prepare yourself for a wide range of repair duties in Bus Mechanic Simulator. Everything from common brake and shock issues to complex engine and axle repair will be your responsibility. With each successful bus vehicle restoration, you’ll unlock a huge amount of unique tools to repair over 2,000 unique components. This is a gearhead’s dream!

Still not sure if Bus Machanic Simulator is right for you? This handy roundup of the game’s exciting key features should help (and so should the discounted price in the CDKeys store).

  • Bus garage (modeled on the basis of an original bus garage in Hamburg)
  • Two repair stations for service buses
  • A repair station for articulated buses
  • Separated test stand for brakes and shock absorbers (need to be unlocked)
  • Countless tools to maintain and repair the buses
  • Three bus models: service bus, articulated bus, double-decker bus
  • Over 2000 interactive elements / components
  • Maintenance and repairs of axles / wheels, power unit, heating / air conditioning, interior and electrical systems


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