MotoGP 21 Is More Realistic Than Ever | Out Now

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MotoGP 21 is out today for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

And besides being one of the Best New Releases in April, MotoGP 21 is also the most realistic and immersive entry in the series to date! Grab your copy (while on sale) from the CDKeys store today.

PC, Xbox, and Switch Copies of MotoGP 21 Now Available

The Very Best of MotoGP

Simply put, this is the most authentic MotoGP experience ever.

First of all, new tracks and new features make MotoGP 21 better than any entry in the series to date. You’ll also experience smarter, faster, and more intense competition with the upgraded Neural AI system. And, with everything from iconic historical challenges to a variety of tournaments, there’s no shortage of exciting game modes to choose from. Check out more features and gameplay below!

Gameplay and Features

120 official riders, 20 tracks, and above all– unprecedented realism. MotoGP 21 is truly the latest and greatest 2-wheel racing experience available. Here’s a roundup of the key features as provided by developer/publisher Milestone:

  • The Complete 2021 Season and Historic Riders – Discover all the official rosters and tracks and experience the thrill of the 2021 Season. And if you want to dive into the past, you can relive the MotoGP™ history with more than 40 riders and their iconic bikes!
  • It’s Up to You – Create your crew, choosing between official teams or a new one. Pick your staff, choosing your Personal Manager, a Chief Engineer, and a Data Analyst who will help you to make crucial choices such as the best contract to get and the bike development.
  • Control Your Riding Style – How you ride your bike will directly affect the tires wear. Worn tires make it more difficult to handle the bike. Manage it cautiously!
  • Every Second Counts – Forget automatic respawns. If you fall, you must get up and get back on your bike as fast as possible. Never lose control!
  • Control Your Riding Style – Customize helmet, suit, stickers, racing number, and livery with 5 incredible Graphic Editors! Once you’re done, share* your designs online or try on some of your fellow player’s creations. *You can share helmet, racing number and rider stickers
  • Lead the Race but Follow the Rules – Just like the real riders, you’ll have to play by the rules of the official championship or you’ll face the consequences, including, for the first time, the Long Lap Penalty. Enjoy the most authentic MotoGP™ experience!


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