GRID Is out Now | Bringing Arcade Racing Fun to Next-Gen Systems


It might seem obvious, but Grid is pure, simple, car racing fun. It’s an important thing to note, because not all racing games deliver this type of arcade-style experience that’ll suck you in for hours on end.

Yes. there are multiple game modes, simulation-style complexities, and car-enthusiast details in Grid; but the focus of the game is to simply have a blast racing and upgrading the coolest cars in the world. Here’s a preview of just some of the reasons why Grid already has us hooked.

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Grid is #LikeNoOther

In addition to being named IGN’s “Best Racing Game”, 2008’s Race Driver: Grid took home a BAFTA award for best sports game. 2019’s GRID could easily do the same thanks to its focus on pure racing bliss.

Let’s get one thing clear, Grid is not meant to be a “simulator” game; it doesn’t boast a variety of modes that rival Forza, or technical detail to compete with Gran Turismo. Instead, Grid is all about nail-biting, red-lining racing action.

Our Favourite Features

Intelligent AI

The AI in Grid is as good as any other racing game, making your performance on the track the real focus of the gameplay. According to developer Codemasters, there are “hundreds of bespoke AI personalities in the game.” In addition, each artificial racer has “their own strengths, weaknesses, traits and triggers.”

Nemesis System

Because the AI in Gris is so “impressively zippy, authentic, and aggressively racey” (according to IGN), your playstyle could earn you enemies quickly. The Nemesis System turns each nudge, bump, or cut off you make into AI adversaries on the track. It’s what Top Gear calls the “you just spilled my pint” mode in their review.

Detailed and Atmospheric Tracks

From Brands Hatch to downtown Shanghai, there’s a wide range of exotic and dramatic race locations to choose from. But what really makes these courses shine is their thick atmosphere and sense of place. The detailed backdrops, realistic onlookers, and realistic weather details make each track feel full of life.

Satisfying Progression

Grid’s progression system is as no-nonsense as its game modes. Levelling up delivers what matters most and skips the complex details. The more you win, the more you earn, and the more cool cars and cosmetics you’ll unlock (in online and single-player modes alike)– it’s that simple.


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