Fortnite Season 8, Week 8 Challenges | Fast and Easy Locations and Guide


Season 8 is nearly over, but Fortnite Battle Royale just got a lot more interesting in Week 8.

The new Limited Time Mode “Air Royale” took flight with this week’s update, and it’s been a blast so far. On top of that, the challenges for Week 8 are surprisingly fresh and new. No more looking for Pirate Camps…

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Fortnite Season 8, Week 8 Challenges

You can find all the Week 8 tasks below, along with maps and guides to help you solve the toughest ones.

Free Challenges

  • Stage 1/2: Search the treasure map signpost found in Paradise Palms = 1 Battle Star
    • Stage 2/2: Search the X on the treasure map signpost in Paradise Palms = 1 Battle Star
  • Use Vending Machines in (3) different matches = 5 Battle Stars
  • Deal (100) damage to opponents while using at least one balloon = 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Search (7) Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces under bridges and in caves = 5 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1: Dial the Durrr Burger number on the big telephone west of Fatal Fields = 2 Battle Stars
    • Stage 2: Dial the Pizza Pit number on the big telephone east of The Block = 3 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate (7) opponents at Dusty Divot or Lucky Landing = 10 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate (2) opponent from at least 50m away = 10 Battle Stars

Where to Find the Treasure Map and Search for the “X” Location

Open the image in a new tab zoom in.

The treasure map you’re looking for will appear just like the one posted earlier in this article. To get the map for yourself, you need to interact with the signpost that’s located in an alleyway right in the center of Paradise Palms. When you interact with the blank map posted there, a crude drawing and a red “X” will appear.

Does the drawing on the map look familiar to you? If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that the shapes on the map look exactly like the long runway and the nearby buildings located at none other than Frosty Flights! We’ve marked the spot on the Fortnite island map above where a Battle Star will be waiting for you once you arrive.

Where to Search for Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Under Bridges and in Caves

Open the image in a new tab zoom in.

The jigsaw puzzle pieces are about the size of a pickaxe and can be a bit hard to find. As the challenge states, you’ll need to locate them under the bridges and in the caves that we marked on the island map above.

We’ve noted more than enough to complete the challenge, but if you discover any other jigsaw locations, let us know and we’ll add it to the map!

Big Telephone Locations and Numbers to Dial

Open the image in a new tab zoom in.

The phones you’re looking for may be a little bit more… old fashioned than you’re imagining. To complete this challenge you’ll need to locate two rotary style phones– the kind where you need to wind the circular dial around for each number. But don’t worry, in-game you’ll only need to smack the numbers with your pickaxe (or shoot them)!

The first phone you’ll need to locate is the one “west” of Fatal Fields. It’s actually pretty far west, to be exact, on a small rocky plateau (marked on the map above). Once there, dial: 555 0512.

After that, you’ll need to head east of The Block to find the next phone near the coast. Enter the next phone number (555-0198) just like you did before!

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Which challenge do you think is the hardest this week, and which one is the easiest? Post your response in the comments below!