Forsaken Is Out Now, and the Legendary Collection Is Here


New to Destiny? Lucky for you this is the best time ever to play Destiny 2, and lucky for you we have the Legendary Collection in-stock on our webstore. The keys are going fast though, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Grab this deal while it lasts…

Legendary Collection = Everything You Need

In the Legendary Collection you’ll get:

  • Destiny 2 (the base game)
  • Expansion I: Curse of Osiris
  • Expansion II: Warmind
  • Expansion III: Forsaken


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If you’re new to Destiny 2, you picked an exciting time to join up. A new evil has been released from its prison and your long-time companion, mentor, and friend has been murdered. It’s time for vengeance. The hunt is on.

Here are just SOME of the new things coming your way in Forsaken:

New Location

The Tangled Shore is where you’ll spend most of your time in Forsaken. This new area is a wasteland comprised of broken-up asteroids held together with cables and grappling hooks. Much like the main story’s Wild West revenge plot, The Tangled Shore is a lawless land, where Forsaken’s newest enemy faction rules.


New Enemies

While they’re technically members of the insectoid species known as the Fallen, the “Scorn” have been mutated through a process of repeated death and resurrection by some mysterious means.

After planning and leading the attack on the Prison of Elders (which resulted in Cayde-6’s death), the Scorn fled to the Tangled Shore to plan their next move. Under the guidance of Prince Uldren the Scorn could become the most powerful enemy force in the game’s history… unless you can stop them.


New Weapons and Gear

To quote a recent tweet from Destiny 2’s official account: “In a lawless place, you’ll need weapons and armor that don’t follow the rules.” In Forsaken, you can prepare for some of the most creative, satisfying, and devastating new guns; and armor that’s as relentless as the enemy hordes it’s protecting you from.


New End Game Content

Once you’ve completed the story missions, that’s when the “end game” starts and you get to take part in all new PvP and PvE game modes including “raids”– the ultimate end game activity in Destiny 2. This is how you’re able to earn the best loot in the game and level-up your guardian to god-like potential. It’s thanks to end game activities that Destiny 2 has 100s of hours of fun gameplay potential!

The Dreaming City is the new end game location in Forsaken. This ancient and mysterious metropolis is the homeland of your humanoid allies “The Awoken”, for whom the city holds a great amount of significance… and secrets.


New Raid

You’ll have 10 days to get ready, just 10, before Fosaken’s first raid goes live on September 14th. Called “Last Wish”, this raid is part of Destiny’s end game content as mentioned above, and will take place in the Dreaming City. Raids like this one are where you group up with friends, and work together to conquer a string of challenges and bosses in an all new, custom designed, self-contained location. Raids are where the best loot in the game comes from, so you’ll want to be ready for Last Wish on the day it releases.


New Game Mode

“Gambit” combines battling against other players (PvP) and battling game-enemies (PvE) in one exciting mode. You and your teammates will work together to take down waves of enemies in your own arena, while the opposing team does the same in theirs. Basically, you’ll be racing to see who can kill enemies better. With each wave your team defeats, you get closer to the prize of unleashing a super-enemy to attack the opposing team. The first team to kill all the enemies (including the boss) wins!

It’s a really creative game mode, and looks like a lot of fun. Really, it’s icing on an already delicious cake filled with tons of content.


New Update

Remember when we said that this was the best time ever to play Destiny 2? This new patch is part of the reason why. Update 2.0 brings a huge amount (35 gigabytes!) of helpful changes to the core of the game. Everything from ammo and weapon slots to game modes have been overhauled. Get in the game and check it out!


So Much More That Hasn’t Been Revealed

This is just the information that’s been released so far. Get in the game and discover for yourself what other new items, features, and quests await you. And most importantly, find the vengeance that Cayde-6 deserves by stopping Prince Uldren and the evil that’s been unleashed on the universe.

And that’s just the content in Forsaken. Remember in this Legendary Collection you’ll also get two entire other expansions, in addition to the base game! Whether playing solo or online with friends, Destiny 2 is better than ever, so climb aboard!