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F1 2020 releases on 10th July (7th July with the Deluxe Edition), and according to developer Codemasters it will be “the most comprehensive F1 game yet.” Let’s take a look at 5 features in the newest iteration that set it apart from every other game in this critically-acclaimed franchise.

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Split-Screen Is Here

First up is a much-beloved yet scarcely available multiplayer feature. Split-screen mode will make its return in F1 2020 despite being more and more scarce in games these days. We were happy to see this feature in WRC 8, but otherwise, split-screen is not an option in popular racing titles.

Unique Deluxe Edition Content

The release of F1 2020 also marks the 70th anniversary of the Formula One competition, and as a result, there will be exclusive in-game content celebrating the sport’s most successful driver– Michael Schumacher.

The F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition includes four of the driver’s most iconic cars, signature car liveries, race suits, helmets, and more. You can even start your own career using a detailed Michael Schumacher model. Find out more info on the store page, and grab the Deluxe Edition while it’s on sale now.

Overhauled Physics

The driving experience is obviously one of the most important elements in a racing game, and Codemasters has once again improved the handling, braking, and traction components in F1 2020. Players can expect shorter braking distances, individual tyre pressure modification, and more realistic slipstream/”dirty air” physics.

In addition, Traction Control (something banned in real F1 racing), has been overhauled. “You’ll find you have much more confidence on the throttle … You’ll be able to get on the throttle much earlier coming out of corners,” game director Lee Mathers explains.

Introducing: My Team

For the first time ever, players can now create their own F1 team; everything from your sponsor to your engine supplier can be customized. Known as “My Team”, this entirely new game mode is perhaps the most exciting new addition in 2020. “Alongside the well-established Career,” Codemasters explains, “you’ll be able to experience F1 2020 as a driver-manager; and it’s going to offer you a unique insight into the world of F1.”

Upgrades Galore

In addition to everything noted above, there is a long list of features, tweaks, and bonuses sprinkled throughout F1 2020. A rear-view mirror, more confident AI, and new circuits (Hanoi and Zandvoort) are just some of the things we can’t wait to sink our teeth into.

F1 2020 is shaping up to be one of the most polished, and comprehensive games in the series yet. Here are a few more details you can look forward to:

  • Casual race options for more relaxed racing.
  • Shorter season-length options: 10, 16 or full 22 race options.
  • Simplified ERS
  • Customisable OSD
  • Deeper F2 Integration


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