Evil Genius 2 | The Life of a Supervillain Awaits

Evil Genius 2 Preview

Feel like a little world domination? Well, Evil Genius 2 is now available for PC, and this satirical spy-fi management game provides exactly that.

Evil Genius 2 is one of the best new releases in March, and a unique opportunity to play as the “bad guy”; a gaming experience that is unfortunately not too common.

As PC Gamer puts it quite eloquently:

Evil Genius 2 simulates both the devious delights and fiendish frustrations of being a frothing megalomaniac

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Evil Genius 2 – The World Is JUST Enough!

Quite simply, Evil Genius 2 is about taking over the world. How you train your minions, where you build your base, and how you defend your diabolical plot against the Forces of Justice is up to you!

In this strategy game sequel to the 2004 cult classic, you’ll need to build your evil empire from the ground up. You’re in control of everything from the detailed construction of your lair to the henchmen you train and the dangerous defenses you build. It’s time to put your own stamp on the satirical spy-fi narrative.

Gameplay and Features

So, do you think you’re cut out for the job of a psychopathic megalomaniac? Still not sure? Check out the diabolical features of Evil Genius 2 below, and get a look at some gameplay in the video above.

Just be sure not to let anyone named “Bond” into your top-secret compound in the middle of the ocean.

Cruel Constructions!

Every villain needs an island lair, so pick your paradise and put your own sinister stamp on it! Shape the internal structure of your hazardous hideaway to fit your play-style, and construct wonderfully wicked devices for your minions to put to use.

Atrocious Anti-Heroes!

Competence isn’t going to cut it when you’re running an evil operation. As you expand and train your minion workforce, you can create new specialists to help further your evil plans! Need something a little more…intimidating? Recruit powerful Henchmen that complement your play style; every mastermind needs a right hand…or several, in fact!

Dastardly Devices!

The Forces of Justice are annoyingly punctual, so supplement your brute force by researching and developing a series of trap networks! Send those do-gooders spinning with a Pinball Bumper, or put the chomp on them with the Venus Spy-Trap. While one trap is good, more is…evil-er. Combo your traps to banish intruders for good!

Nefarious Plots!

Carry out evil schemes to further your plot to build a Doomsday Device and dominate the world! Sell the British Royal Family, Kidnap the Governor of Maine, and literally BAKE ALASKA. With hundreds of potential objectives, variety is the spice of strife.


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