The Division 2 Is Here | Launch Times and 5 Early Game Tips You Need to Know

Today marks the global release of one of the most anticipated games of 2019. Proud owners of the Gold or Ultimate Editions have already started playing, and preloads for every edition have already begun!

Here are 5 tips that you need to know to get an advantage right from the start of your Division 2 experience. In addition, we’ve also detailed the global launch times. And, as always, we have the hottest deals if you don’t already own the game:

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1. Explore As Much As You Can

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One of our favourite things about The Division 2 is that it actually rewards players for exploration. By straying off the beaten path you can find a whole host of powerful items scattered around the world.

In our first hours in the game, we happened upon an assault rifle that was significantly more powerful than many of the quest rewards we received over the next few hours of gameplay! While exploring, keep your eyes peeled for “secret” rooms. More on those below.

2. Don’t Pass up Locked Rooms That Have Goodies Within

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As you venture through the wastes of D.C., you’re likely to discover rooms that dangle a huge amount of loot just out of your reach. There are a surprisingly large amount these rooms to be found too (if you’re exploring enough).

These special areas are marked with a lock that glows orange just like all of the other interactable objects in the game. You’ll also know that you’ve stumbled upon a special chest room by all of the loot crates with a similar orange glow around them that are just out of your reach within.

Don’t give up and pass these by. In order to unlock these bonus rooms, you need to locate a nearby electrical panel and destroy it. These panels are bright yellow and are usually just a few meters from the room’s entrance.

Bonus Tip: With some of these locations, the lock on the door will be clearly visible (or visible if you peek through a window), in that case, simply shoot the lock itself and the loot inside is yours.

3. Deconstruct, Donate, or Sell Gear You Don’t Need

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While exploring in the early hours of the game, you should pick up as many items as you can hold. Equip the best gear you can find, and the take the rest of it to a nearby base to turn it into much more.

You can always sell the gear you don’t want, but early in the game, it’s better to turn unwanted items into materials you need for crafting. These crafting materials will become incredibly valuable as you get deeper into the game and are able to build high-powered weaponry.

4. Always Take Over Control Points

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As you start playing The Division 2, you’ll notice locations on your map called “Control Points”. These locations are new to game, and offer a tactical advantage for you and your squad. Control Points also mean lots of loot and lots of experience points.

Each Control Point you take over unlocks a “supply room” containing multiple armour and weapon chests. Taking over these locations doesn’t take long, and the amount of gear you earn is significantly more than you’ll get from most quests!

5. You Don’t Have to Go in Guns-a-Blazing

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The combat in The Division 2 is tight, tactical, and satisfying. But what we appreciate most about it is how varied it can be depending on your playstyle.

If you prefer a more “shoot first, ask questions later” type of combat– sure, you can play that way. You can also survey the battlefield, move your squad into position, set up turrets, snipe crucial enemies, or deploy a number of learned skills. Deploy a seeker mine that rolls to your target’s feet, or send in a drone to rain death from above. The battlefield, and ultimately all of D.C is yours to control in The Division 2.

Global Launch Times

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Xbox One and PS4 players can start playing The Division 2 at 0:00 on Friday, March 15th in your local timezone.


If you’re playing on PC, the launch times for The Division 2 are:

UK: 11pm March 14

Europe: Midnight March 14/15

PDT: 10pm March 14

EDT: 1am March 15

Will you be picking up The Division 2? Or, if you’ve already started playing, what do you think of it so far? Let us know in the comments!