DCL – The Game Out Now | First Look

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DCL – The Game is the only official video game version of the Drone Champions League— the world’s leading Drone Racing series. As one of the new releases for February, this is your chance to experience being a professional pilot on the same super-challenging tracks featured in the Champions League. Here’s a look at some of what you can expect in this immersive simulator.

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Join The Flying Revolution

Fly up, down, around, and through 30 spectacular tracks and four different flight modes. From the relaxed “Arcade Mode” that’s perfect for beginners, to the intense “Acro Mode” (how real drone pilots control their aircraft), there’s something for everyone in DCL – The Game. Real drone pilots themselves describe DCL as “the best Drone Simulator on the market”, and a “perfect way to practice the hardest and most spectacular tracks in the world.”

DCL – The Game Is both Arcade and Simulator

Do you own a drone transmitter of your own? Simply connect it to your PC for the ultimate pilot experience. Otherwise, keyboard and gamepads are also supported, and either way you’ll be able to compete with real pilots around the world.

In DCL’s “Raceflow” mode, players can take on the best competitors from around the world in synchronous online play. You’ll also have the opportunity to join regular tournaments and take part in Special Challenge events across all skill levels.

Fly Like a Pro

It’s rare to find a game that’s both incredibly realistic and fun at the same time. Here’s what professional drone pilots had to say after trying out DCL – The Game for themselves:

  • Alex “Chief” Campbell (QuadForceOne): “It feels like flying a real drone.”
  • Andrzej “SirCrashALot” Krasny: “This is by far the best Drone Simulator on the market. It enables pilots to race on authentic DCL tracks in epic locations. I can’t wait to race against my best friends online.”
  • Angelo Felchle: “The DCL Game is perfect to practice the hardest and most spectacular tracks in the world. I’m playing a lot if I don’t have the time to go outside and fly to stay in shape and get stick-time.”


So what’re you waiting for? Grab DCL – The Game while it’s on sale. Let us know in the comments (or on our Facebook) what you think of it!